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'Dimag Mein, Dil Mein...': Suryakumar Was 'Moved' By Rohit's Last Huddle Talk Before T20 WC Final

India's last huddle talk with Skipper Rohit before the IND vs SA T20 WC Final (AP)India's last huddle talk with Skipper Rohit before the IND vs SA T20 WC Final (AP)

On Sunday, before the Men In Blue stepped onto the field for one last time at the T20 World Cup 2024 final, the Indian team witnessed a significant moment. 

Rohit Sharma, their esteemed T20I skipper (now retired), addressed the team with words that were reverberating with emotions and motivation. 

His leadership and respect for the game were evident in his speech, and India was declared the World Champions at the culmination of 20 overs.

India's star batter, Suryakumar Yadav, recently shared that pivotal moment with the world. He revealed what Rohit Sharma told the team before the second innings began and how it moved everybody. He also added how he wanted his team to keep it simple and bring everything they have got to the game.

Rohit Sharma's motivational words to the team :

“Before the final, he told us to keep it simple but said, ‘I can’t climb this mountain alone. If I have to reach the peak, I will need everyone’s oxygen’. He also said, ‘Joh bhi hai, paon mein, dimag mein, dil mein (whatever you have in your legs, mind, and heart), just bring everything to the game. If that happens, we will not regret the night’. We all were moved,” Suryakumar told Indian Express.

While talking about Rohit Sharma's spellbinding effect on everyone, he said he connects so well with everyone that everyone knows Rohit will back them. Hence, everyone feels the need to produce results for him on the field.

“I have played so much cricket, be it in the IPL or international cricket, in the past four-five years. He connects with the players. Off the field, be it in a hotel room or on the beach, he connects with everyone. So when a crunch situation comes, players know that he (Rohit) will back us. One feels I have to deliver for this man for the confidence and respect he gives to everyone,” he added.

After this T20 World Cup win, India jumped up and claimed number two in the most ICC Trophies in cricket with their six ICC trophies.