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What if... Shubman Gill Did Not Make A Century Against RCB?

image-li1jdcksShubman Gill's ton knocked RCB out of IPL (AP News)

While the Prince stood at the cusp of yet another historic innings, little did he imagine that he would outshine the King of Kings, who himself achieved a feat this great.

Gill's unbeaten 104 off just 52 balls showcased a diverse range of shots, including slog sweeps, short-arm jabs over mid-wicket, and straight hits over the sight screen. His innings had it all, a complete package of shot selections. He achieved his century in style, sealing the victory by launching a length ball from Parnell over long-on for a six, marking his eighth six of the match.

In a crucial match RCB needed to win, Kohli displayed an exceptional batting performance, registering his seventh century in the IPL during the first innings. His remarkable individual effort propelled his team to a competitive total. 

However, it wasn't sufficient despite Kohli's outstanding innings as Gill, who greatly admires Kohli, outperformed him with the bat. Gill achieved his second consecutive century in the IPL, leading the Gujarat Titans to a clinical victory in successfully pursuing the target.

But What If..

Shubman Gill did not make a century against RCB, it would have had an impact on the outcome of the match and the overall dynamics of the game. Without Gill's century, the Gujarat Titans might have faced a more challenging run-chase, as his innings played a significant role in their successful pursuit of the target.

The absence of Gill's century would have relieved some pressure on the RCB team, as his big score heavily contributed to their win. While, GT was the first team to qualify for the playoffs, it could have given RCB a chance of being the fourth team enter the playoffs and have a genuine chance at winning the tournament this season.

RCB needed that win to secure a spot for the playoffs.

However, Gill's century against RCB showcased his exceptional batting skills and further established his reputation as a promising young talent. Without that century, the significance of his recent form and consecutive IPL centuries might have been diminished.

Overall, the match's outcome and the perception of Gill's performance would have been different if he had not scored a century against RCB. It would have altered the narrative and potentially affected the confidence and momentum of both teams moving forward.

In the IPL's history since its inception in 2008, Virat Kohli stands out as the only player to have represented a single team, in all seasons. Despite his long-standing association with the team, Kohli has not yet been able to clinch an IPL championship, making him one of the prominent players who have yet to win the prestigious title.

With RCB qualifying for the playoffs, it would have given Kohli a great chance to accomplish his long-standing dream of clinching the IPL trophy