Virat Kohli's Niece, Mehak Dhingra

Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli with niece Mehak Dhingra ( Sharma & Virat Kohli with niece Mehak Dhingra (

Virat Kohli, an iconic figure in the world of cricket, has won fans over globally with his brilliance on the field. But today, the focus shifts slightly from the star himself to a lesser-known but equally intriguing member of his family — his niece, Mehak Dhingra.

While Virat Kohli continues to dominate headlines with his cricketing exploits, his personal life and family often pique the interest of his fans.

Among the family members who occasionally share the limelight is his young niece, Mehak Dhingra. Although not as public a figure as her uncle, Mehak has her own subtle presence in the vast universe of cricket family celebrities.

In this article, we take a look into who Mehak Dhingra is, her relationship with the cricket superstar, and what she's known for.

Who is Virat Kohli's Niece, Mehak Dhingra?

Mehak Dhingra with Virat & Anushka during their wedding reception (Instagram)Mehak Dhingra with Virat & Anushka during their wedding reception (Instagram)

Mehak Dhingra is the daughter of Virat Kohli's sibling, Bhawna Kohli Dhingra, thus slotting her into the glamorous world of cricket by relation.

Despite the fame surrounding her, Mehak maintains a low profile, with only occasional glimpses into her life through social media or public appearances.

Unlike her uncle, she has steered clear of the sports world limelight, pursuing her own interests and education.

What Does Virat Kohli's Niece, Mehak Dhingra Do?

Virat Kohli's niece, Mehak Dhingra (Instagram)Virat Kohli's niece, Mehak Dhingra (Instagram)

Details about Mehak Dhingra’s personal achievements and professional endeavours are scant, as she and her family prefer to keep these aspects private.

From what can be gathered, Mehak is currently focusing on her studies. She sometimes appears in family photos during gatherings and special occasions. Earlier this year, a photo of her with Kohli and Anushka Sharma had gone viral, putting her into the limelight.

How Old Is Virat Kohli's Niece, Mehak Dhingra?

Virat Kohli's niece, Mehak Dhingra ( Kohli's niece, Mehak Dhingra (

The exact age of Mehak Dhingra is not publicly known, but she appears to be in her teenage years.

Her youthful appearance in photographs alongside her family members suggests that she is in her formative years, likely balancing education with the normal experiences that come with being a teenager.

How is Mehak Dhingra Related to the Cricketer?

Virat Kohli with his brother niece and nephews (Instagram)Virat Kohli with his brother niece and nephews (Instagram)

Mehak Dhingra is directly related to Virat Kohli through her parent, who is Virat Kohli’s elder sister, Bhawna Dhingra. Mehak is the daughter of Bhawna and Virat’s brother in law and businessman Sanjay Dhingra.

This family connection places her in close proximity to one of cricket's greatest players, a relationship that no doubt comes with its unique set of experiences and perspectives on life in the public eye.

Being related to a global sports icon like Virat Kohli, Mehak occasionally experiences media attention, although it's clear that the family strives to protect her privacy and normalcy.

How Did Mehak Dhingra Come Into Limelight?

Virat Kohli's niece's photo with T20 WC 2024 medal ( Kohli's niece's photo with T20 WC 2024 medal (

In a rare but notable public spotlight moment, Mehak Dhingra caught media attention recently when her photo donning the T20 World Cup 2024 medal went viral. 

The medal was Kohli’s whose Player of The Final performance helped India win the T20 World Cup after 17 years. 

The photo spread like wildfire on social media and generated a lot of buzz, evoking curiosity about Mehak.

Virat Kohli's Niece, Mehak Dhingra: FAQs

Q.1. Who is Chetna Kohli?

Answer: Chetna Kohli is the sister-in-law of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Married to Virat's brother, Vikas Kohli, Chetna resides with him in Delhi. Their life, though interconnected with the celebrity status of Virat, is generally kept private from the media spotlight.

Q.2. Why does Anushka Sharma stay in London?

Answer: Anushka Sharma, the acclaimed actress and wife of Virat Kohli, chose to spend significant time in London during her pregnancy. The couple decided on this to ensure a quieter, more private environment, away from the pervasive media attention in India, aiming to provide a more peaceful setting for their growing family.

Q.3. What does Bhawna Kohli Dhingra do?

Answer: Bhawna Kohli Dhingra, Virat Kohli's sister, is quite popular on social media with around 224,000 followers on Instagram. She actively shares memories and photos from her childhood featuring her brother Virat and their family. Professionally, she plays a significant role in managing Virat Kohli’s apparel brand, One8 Select.

Q.4. Who is Virat Kohli's sister?

Answer: Virat Kohli's sister is Bhawna Kohli Dhingra. She is known for her active presence on social media and her involvement in Virat’s business ventures.

Q.5. Who is Anushka Sharma's brother?

Answer: Anushka Sharma's brother, Karnesh Sharma, is a film producer known for his work in the Indian entertainment industry. Before entering the film industry, he served in the Merchant Navy.