Top 5 Cricketers With Most YouTube Subscribers

image-ll6hef6pAakash Chopra's YouTube channel is famous for its excellent cricketing analysis (Instagram)

In an era where the boundary between sports and entertainment grows ever more blurred, cricketers are no longer confined to the cricket pitch. The evolution of the game has long since breached the parameters of stadiums and fields and has spilled over into the domain of social media and digital platforms.

Top 5 cricketers with most YouTube subscribers

When it comes to a sport as passionately followed as cricket, the merging of traditional and new media is nothing short of spectacular. Many of today's cricketers are not just athletes, but bonafide digital content creators. On YouTube, they unveil a side of them rarely seen on the pitch: personal insights, candid moments, expert analysis, behind-the-scenes, cricketing tutorials, and even their adventures off the field.

This digital transformation not only allows fans a closer look at their favourite cricketers but also establishes these players as influential figures beyond thee sport, contributing to their popularity. As their channels shoot up with content, so do their subscriber counts. 

Let’s take a look at Top 5 cricketers with most YouTube subscribers.

5. Sachin Tendulkar - 1.19 Million Subscribers

If cricket is a religion in India, Tendulkar is its deity. While his on-field achievements are legendary, his YouTube journey has provided fans with a unique window into his analytical mind. Through his channel, the Master Blasters decodes the technicalities of cricket, from analyzing individual performances to evaluating team strategies. 

Each video feels like a masterclass as it resonates with his reputation on the field. He also shares interesting anecdotes and his celebrations during festivals with his 1.19 million subscribers. The legendary batter joined the platform on September 26, 2013. His channel boasts 240 videos and a viewership of 243,740,251.

4. Ravichandran Ashwin – 1.24 Million Subscribers

As India’s premier off-spinner in the longest format of the game, Ashwin's cricketing sense is well-established. On YouTube, he unveils a different dimension, touching upon subjects both on and off the field. 

While the offie deeply analyses cricket, offering logical insights, he also lightens the mood by discussing popular culture, and films, and hosting prominent personalities from diverse fields. Joining the platform on April 17, 2020, Ashwin's multifaceted approach has seen him post 525 videos, attracting 243,740,251 views.

3. Ramiz Raja - 1.66 Million Subscribers

From leading Pakistan on the field to becoming a familiar voice in the commentary world, Ramiz Raja’s transition to YouTube was anticipated and well-received. Offering potent takes, the Pakistan veteran combines his years of experience with a congenial, often pertly style. 

Whether discussing match results or player form, his perspective is always a combination of expertise and entertainment. Starting his YouTube journey on January 8, 2018, he's posted over 1,000 videos, gathering an impressive 307,378,773 views.

2. Shoaib Akhtar – 3.49 Million Subscribers

The ‘Rawalpindi Express’, once the terror of batsmen with his blistering pace, has stormed the digital space with the same intensity. Akhtar's transition from the cricket field to YouTube has been absolutely explosive. His content is characterized by impassioned takes on cricket, especially when it concerns Pakistan. 

Unafraid to challenge the status quo and raise hard questions, his channel reflects the same energy and rawness that he brought to every game during his playing days. However, he hasn’t been active on the platform in the last four months. He ventured into YouTube on January 29, 2019, and his express journey has already seen the creation of 417 videos which have garnered 348,813,972 views.

1. Aakash Chopra - 4.04 Million Subscribers Journey

Once an opener on the field for India, Chopra’s post-retirement journey has seen him metamorphose into a leading voice in Indian cricket. While his stints in the commentary box have been noteworthy, it's his YouTube channel that truly shows his deep understanding of the sport. Chopra carefully breaks down complex match scenarios and makes them accessible to experts and newcomers alike.

His balanced critiques along with insights into player strategies, have made him a must-follow. Moreover, his analogies and metaphors are very entertaining which have also contributed to his immense popularity on the platform. Being an early bird, Chopra joined YouTube on August 10, 2011, and has consistently delivered, with over 3,200 videos, attracting a whopping 1,240,990,451 views.