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Top 5 Bowling Average For India In Tests (Minimum 100 Wickets)

image-ls1iqjakJasprit Bumrah has the best bowling (X.com)

Test cricket is known as the pinnacle of cricket and why not? It tests every ounce of strength of the players throughout the course of five days. The real test is for the bowlers, as they also have to bowl long spells and fielding. But that's what makes them earn a huge number of fans, respect and even self-satisfaction in terms of finding joy in their own performances. 

Every bowler not only dreams of playing Test cricket but also dreams of picking up five-wicket hauls and even ten-wicket hauls, eventually helping their teams win games in this marquee format. The importance of bowling averages depicts the bowlers' ability to scalp wickets in a Test match and the better the average, the humongous impact the bowler will create in the game. That's how Indian bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, Ravichandran Ashwin and Mohammed Shami have been excelling over the last few years. 

There were some legendary Indian bowlers Kapil Dev, Bishan Singh Bedi, Anil Kumble and many more, who presented the path for future generations. We at OneCricket, objectify the importance of bowling averages in the longest format of the game with the top Indian bowlers with the best averages. 

Let's have a look at the top 5 Indian bowlers with the best bowling averages in Test cricket with a minimum of 100 wickets under their belt. 

Jasprit Bumrah - 20.81

image-ls1in4q3Jaspirt Bumrah (X.com)

Having a bowler like Jasprit Bumrah always keeps a team ahead of the opposition, given the amount of skills he has and how well he executes them. Bumrah has excelled in all three formats of the games with his different game plans. With the red ball, he has been immaculate for the Indian team over the last few years and his stats speak for himself. 

In just 33 Tests, Bumrah has scalped 146 wickets which also includes nine five-wicket hauls. Having an average of just 20.81 makes him the most dangerous Indian bowler. This means, he has the capability to pick a wicket after every 20 deliveries in the longest format of the game. He tops the chart of Indian bowlers with the best averages who have a minimum of 100 wickets under their belt. 

Ravichandran Ashwin - 23.79

image-ls1inkhuRavichandran Ashwin (X.com)

Over the last decade, Ravichandran Ashwin has been among the go-to bowlers for India, when it comes to picking up a wicket. His experience and variations are helping him become the stalwart of India's spin factory. When it comes to red-ball, he never fails to stun the best of batters in the world, especially in spinning conditions. 

With 496 Test wickets under his name in just 96 matches, Ravi Ashwin comes second on the list of Indian bowlers with the best averages in Test cricket. With an average of 23.79, he possesses the ability to deceive batters after every 23 deliveries, which also means that he is likely to pick a wicket in every four overs. 

Ravindra Jadeja - 24.42

image-ls1ip1tsRavindra Jadeja (X.com)

One of the best all-rounders in the world, Ravindra Jadeja has been a gift to Indian cricket. With his skillset of bowling into the batter's stumps, he has been able to knock out the best batters in the world. In red-ball cricket, he knows the perfect lengths to bowl and how to use the conditions, which makes it even more dangerous. 

Whether it's about bowling the long spells or picking wickets in bundles, he can do it all. With 280 scalps in just 69 Test matches, Jadeja is an all-rounder every team wishes for. He comes third on the list of Indian bowlers having the best bowling averages, with an average of 24.42. He is likely to pick wickets after every four overs in Test cricket irrespective of the conditions. 

Mohammed Shami - 27.71

image-ls1ipgqeMohammed Shami (X.com)

Not all seam bowlers possess the seam bowling skills that Mohammed Shami has. He has been more dangerous lately and has been doing wonders for India in ODI and Test formats. With the perfect seam positioning, he has been able to move the ball in both directions and has been exemplary with his lengths, especially with the red ball. 

The right-arm fast bowlers come fourth on the list with a bowling average of 27.71. With his speed and accuracy in lengths, Shami has managed to scalp 229 wickets in Test cricket and has been picking up wickets after every four and a half overs. 

Bishan Singh Bedi - 28.71

image-ls1ipwwmBishan Singh Bedi (X.com)

Bishan Singh Bedi was India's premium slow left-arm bowler. With 266 Test wickets under his belt, he has won many games for the Indian team. With his supreme bowling skills, he had the ability to clean up the best of batters in the world and put up a show for the audience. 

He comes last on the list of Indian bowlers with the best bowling averages, having an average of 28.71. With his variations and experience, he was able to scalp wickets after every 28 deliveries in Test cricket throughout his career. He was nothing short of a legend in the history of Indian spinners with 14 five-wicket hauls and one ten-wicket haul.