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Top 3 Batters With Most Runs Against India In Tests

image-lrvsx171Joe Root has a stellar record against India 

England stalwart Joe Root made cricket history by becoming the batter to score the most runs against India in Test cricket. In doing so, the Englishman surpassed former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting. Root reached this record during the first India vs England Test match in Hyderabad, where he scored 2 runs before being dismissed by Jasprit Bumrah.

Root now has a total of 2557* runs in Test matches against India. He has been sensational in the longest format against India with an average of 60.88 to go with 9 centuries and 10 half-centuries in 26 Tests. The veteran batter has also done well in India, where the pitches are usually better for spin bowling as evidenced by his average of 49.05.

In this article, we dive into the Test cricket arena to uncover the top three batsmen who have dominated the Indian bowling attack, amassing the most runs in their encounters with India. Each of these cricketing stalwarts has showcased impeccable technique, temperament, and talent to thrive against one of the most formidable cricketing nations. Here’s a look at the top three batters with the most runs against India in Test cricket.

1. Joe Root - 2557 Runs

image-lrvsz6kzJoe Root (Twitter)

Root has truly redefined batting greatness in Test matches, especially against India. His exceptional skill and firm determination have propelled him to the top of the run-scoring charts against the Asian giants. With a staggering 2557* runs against India, Root's mastery over the game is unquestionable. 

His average of 60.88 across 47 innings is proof of his consistent performance and resilience under pressure. Throughout his career, Root has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to different playing conditions, which is particularly evident in his performances on Indian pitches, where he averages 49.05. 

His tally against India in Tests includes 9 centuries and 10 half-centuries in 26 Tests, showcasing his capacity to convert starts into significant scores. Root's technique, highlighted by his fluid stroke play and solid defense, has baffled many Indian bowlers. His mental toughness and strategic approach to the game make him one of the finest batsmen of his generation.

2. Ricky Ponting – 2555 Runs

image-lrvt1mz0Ricky Ponting (Twitter)

Ponting is revered as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. His impact in both Test and One Day International (ODI) formats is monumental. Ponting's aggressive batting style and leadership skills led Australia to numerous victories. Against India, he was particularly dominant, scoring a massive 2555 runs in 29 Tests at an average of 54.36. 

Ponting's rivalry with India added an extra edge to his performances, making each inning against them a spectacle. He struck eight centuries and 12 half-centuries in these matches, with his highest score of 257 against India in Melbourne in 2003 being a career highlight. This inning not only demonstrated his exceptional batting skills but also his mental strength.

 Ponting's ability to take on the best bowlers in the world, along with his fierce competitive nature, made him a formidable opponent. He was not just a great batsman but also a terrific captain, leading Australia through one of its most successful eras in cricket. His contributions to cricket extend beyond his run tally, as he left a massive mark on the game with his incredible leadership.

3. Alastair Cook – 2431 Runs

image-lrvt1y34Alastair Cook (Twitter)

England stalwart, Alastair Cook is celebrated as one of the finest batsmen of the modern era. His extraordinary career as a top-order batsman for England was marked by numerous records and accolades. Cook's brilliance against India was particularly noteworthy. In his 30 Tests against India, he amassed 2431 runs at an average of 47.66. 

His highest score of 294 against India is a reflection of his ability to play long, impactful innings. Cook's style was highlighted by his patience at the crease, excellent technique, and an unflappable temperament. His seven centuries and nine half-centuries against India were a mix of grit and grace, often coming in challenging conditions and against high-quality bowling attacks. 

Cook's legacy in Test cricket is not just limited to his run-scoring feats; he is also England's all-time leading run-scorer in the format. His retirement in 2018 marked the end of an illustrious career that left a colossal impact on English cricket. Cook's contributions go beyond numbers; his leadership as a captain and his demeanour as a player earned him respect and admiration worldwide.