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Top 10 Cricketers With Highest Yo-Yo Test Scores

image-llq98ozlVirat Kohli after his latest Yo-Yo Test (Twitter)

Cricket has now moved beyond just bat and ball and the significance of fitness has gained massive importance. Elite players are no longer distinguished merely by their on-field skills, but also by their physicality and endurance. This was once again proved by Indian batter, Virat Kohli as he showed his astounding fitness levels during the Yo-Yo test recently.

Top 10 Cricketers with highest score in Yo-Yo Test

For those unfamiliar, the Yo-Yo test is not a mere run. It's an exhaustive aerobic fitness test, where players dart between markers set 20 metres apart, with each run demanding increasing speeds. 

It’s a litmus test that separates the good from the great, and only those with impeccable stamina and spirit can ace it. This exercise is now a standard protocol for many cricketing boards worldwide. A score of 16.5 is deemed the minimum threshold for a player to be even considered for national selection which is a proof of the rigorous standards set by the Indian management.

Amidst this, Kohli, always the trendsetter and never the follower, came forward and not only met but exceeded the benchmark. Clocking a score of 17.2, he once again reiterated his commitment to maintaining elite fitness standards.

But who are the cricketers that have really set the gold standard in this fitness test? Here's a detailed look at the top 10 Yo-Yo test score getters in cricket.

1. Shan Masood (22.1)

image-llq90yqkShan Masood, 33, is considered the fittest in Pakistan (Twitter)

Pakistani opener, Shan Masood, is not just technically sound with the bat, but he's a fitness freak. Beyond his elegant stroke play, his dedication to maintaining peak physical condition has earned him the top spot in this list with an impressive score of 22.1. His exceptional fitness levels have been evident in his performances, especially during long innings in testing conditions. 

2. Jonny Bairstow (21.8)

image-llp7nl2sJonny Bairstow (Instagram)

England's wicketkeeper-batter, Bairstow's fiery red hair isn't the only thing that stands out. Scoring 21.8 in the Yo-Yo test, he's proved that he has the endurance to match the demands of the sport. Renowned for his aggressive batting and reliable wicketkeeping, his outstanding Yo-Yo score is indicative of his willingness to outperform, be it behind the stumps or in front of them.

3. Mayank Agarwal (20.1)

image-llq8gqs2Mayank Agarwal (Instagram)

Hailing from Karnataka, Mayank Agarwal's classic test centuries, especially on overseas tours, and brilliant performances in the IPL make him a treat to watch. But it isn't just his batting that stands out. With a Yo-Yo score of 20.1 that he recorded earlier this year, Agarwal's dedication to fitness ensures that he is agile in the field and can convert ones into twos with ease while batting and also helps his mobility in the field.

4. Mayank Dagar (19.3)

image-llp7o02nMyank Dagar (Instagram)

Nephew of former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag, Mayank Dagar is a young sensation with exceptional all-round skills, who plays for Himachal Pradesh in domestic cricket and SunRisers Hyderabad in the IPL. Primarily a left-arm spinner, he also possesses a calm and collected batting technique. While Mayank might not yet be a household name, his Yo-Yo test score of 19.3 certainly grabs attention. 

5. Beth Langston (19.2)

image-llp7qswxBeth Langston (Twitter)

Shattering stereotypes, England's Beth Langston stands tall among her male counterparts with a whopping score of 19.2. An all-rounder for England, her batting and bowling are equally commendable. Her Yo-Yo score shows how women cricketers worldwide are pushing boundaries and setting new fitness standards.

6. Kagiso Rabada (19.2)

image-llp7rraaKagiso Rabada (Instagram)

South African pacer, Kagiso Rabada is known for his aggressive bowling and vivacious on-field presence. His raw pace along with the ability to swing the ball both ways, makes him a nightmare for batsmen. His discipline extends beyond bowling as evident from his Yo-Yo score of 19.2 which makes him a quintessence of athleticism and cricketing brilliance.

7. Mohammad Rizwan (19.2)

image-llp7ufelMuhammad Rizwan (Instagram)

Over the years, Mohammad Rizwan has emerged as Pakistan's most reliable wicketkeeper-batter. Known for his brilliant knocks and agile keeping, Rizwan's commitment is unquestionable, be it adapting to different formats or acing fitness tests. His fitness, as reflected by his Yo-Yo score, plays a significant role in his consistent performances.

8. Manish Pandey (19.2)

image-llp7wb7gManish Pandey (Instagram)

Known for his impeccable fielding skills and first IPL century for an Indian, Manish Pandey has often been hailed as one of the fittest players to have played the sport in India. His dedication to fitness is just as pronounced, ensuring he's always in the thick of the action whether it's at the boundary ropes or in the Yo-Yo Test.

9. Virat Kohli (19)

image-llp7xrl2Virat Kohli (Instagram)

Often termed the 'Run Machine', Virat Kohli's dedication to the game is unmatched. From a chubby youngster to one of the fittest athletes globally, his transformation is legendary and revolutionary. His Yo-Yo score of 19, though not the highest, still reflects his incredible athleticism and the standards he sets for himself and the team.

10. Hardik Pandya (19)

image-llp8755jHardik Pandya (Instagram)

Flamboyant and fearless, Hardik Pandya is India's answer to the need for a genuine all-rounder. His big-hitting capabilities along with handy seam bowling make him a vital asset. Moreover, his Yo-Yo Test score of 19 matches his flamboyance and it’s a proof of his sensational agility and excellent fitness levels.