Bowlers Dismissing Joe Root Most Times In Tests

image-lrvsbha9Joe Root England's star player (X.COM)

Joe Root's cricketing journey has been remarkable, marked by his exceptional talent, adaptability, and consistent performance across formats. Root's ascent in the cricketing world began with his early recognition as a prodigious talent, showcasing remarkable skills and composure even in his formative years.

From the outset, Root exhibited a remarkable technical proficiency that set him apart from his peers. His classical batting style, characterised by solid defence, precise footwork, and impeccable timing, became his hallmark. Root's ability to construct innings with patience and resilience, while also possessing the capability to accelerate when needed, underscored his versatility and astuteness as a batsman.

One of the most striking aspects of Root's batting prowess is his adeptness at blending orthodox and aggressive shots seamlessly. Whether it's elegantly driving the ball through the covers or unleashing powerful strokes down the ground, Root's batting repertoire is a testament to his versatility and adaptability to various match situations.

Joe Root's statistics in Test cricket indeed underline his stature as one of the premier batsmen of his generation. With over 11447 runs in 136 Test matches at an impressive strike rate of 56.72 and a remarkable average of 49.98, Root's numbers speak volumes about his skill, consistency, and impact on the game.

Joe Root has faced challenges against skilled bowlers who can swing and seam the ball effectively. The ability of bowlers to generate movement away from the batsman, especially in conducive conditions, poses a considerable challenge even to the most accomplished batsmen.

Root's technique and style, which rely heavily on precise timing and placement rather than brute force, can indeed make him vulnerable to bowlers who can consistently exploit swing and seam movement. Additionally, his relative lack of pace compared to some of his contemporaries means that he may not always find it easy to counter aggressive bowling tactics aimed at unsettling his rhythm.

Let's take a look at the bowlers dismissing Joe Root most times in tests.

1.  Pat Cummins

image-lrvtewxt Cummins has dismissed Joe Root 11 times in Tests (X.COM)

Pat Cummins's record against Joe Root in Test cricket is a testament to the challenges that high-quality pace bowling can pose to even the most established batsmen. With 11 dismissals of Root in Test matches, Cummins has demonstrated his ability to consistently trouble and dismiss one of England's premier batsmen.

Root, known for his impeccable technique and composure under pressure, typically handles different bowling styles adeptly. However, the relentless intensity and skill of Cummins have proven to be a formidable challenge for him. Cummins's ability to generate pace and movement consistently places Root under immense pressure, forcing him to be vigilant and disciplined in his shot selection and approach.

2.  Josh Hazlewood

image-lrvtn3yv Hazlewood has dismissed Joe Root 10 times in Tests  (X.COM)

Josh Hazlewood's skill set and consistency in hitting the right areas make him a persistent threat in the longer format of the game. His ability to exploit seam movement and maintain a probing line and length often puts pressure on batsmen, leading to wickets at crucial junctures.

Josh Hazlewood's ability to extract bounce and movement off the pitch, combined with his accuracy and pace, indeed makes him a daunting opponent for any batsman, including someone as accomplished as Joe Root. With 10 dismissals of Joe Root in Test cricket, Hazlewood has proven to be particularly effective against the Joe Root. 

3. Jasprit Bumrah


Jasprit Bumrah, the dynamic Indian fast bowler known for his unconventional action and ability to generate pace and movement, has indeed been successful in dismissing Joe Root 8 times in Test cricket. 

Jasprit Bumrah's unorthodox action makes it difficult for batsmen to pick up the line and length of his deliveries early, adding an element of unpredictability to his bowling. His exceptional control over line and length allows him to consistently hit the right areas, putting batsmen under constant pressure. Bumrah's unique bowling style, coupled with his accuracy and variations, makes him a challenging proposition for Joe Root. He recently dismissed the English batter in the second Test match in Visakhapatnam.

4. Nathan Lyon

image-lrvufte2Nathan Lyon has dismissed Joe Root 8 times in Tests (X.COM)

Nathan Lyon's effectiveness as a spinner against Joe Root and other top batsmen is indeed noteworthy. Despite Root's reputation for being composed against spin bowling, Lyon's skill set poses a considerable challenge. Lyon's ability to extract turn and variations from the pitch adds layers of complexity for Root, who may not be as accustomed to facing high-quality spinners in certain conditions.

Lyon's success against Root underscores the importance of having a diverse bowling attack in Test cricket. Nathan Lyon has dismissed Joe Root 8 times in Test matches. 

5. Mitchell Starc

image-lrvv9t1vMitchell Starc has been significant threat to Joe Root (X.COM)

Left-arm pacers like Mitchell Starc often pose unique challenges to right-handed batsmen like Joe Root. The angle created by the left-arm delivery coming into the right-hander's off-stump can be difficult to negotiate, especially when combined with Starc's pace and ability to swing the ball both ways.

Mitchell Starc, Australia's left-arm fast bowler, has proven to be a significant threat to Joe Root, having dismissed him 8 times in international cricket. Their encounters are particularly notable during the Ashes series, where the rivalry between Australia and England intensifies.

6. Trent Boult 


Trent Boult, the talented left-arm fast bowler from New Zealand, has indeed proven to be a dreadful opponent for Joe Root in Test cricket. Boult's ability to swing the ball both ways and his mastery of seam movement make him a challenging proposition for Joe Root.

It's evident that Boult has had success against Root in Test cricket, dismissing him 7 times in the longest format of the game which highlights his skill and effectiveness as a premier bowler. The battles between Boult and Root add to the excitement and competitiveness of Test cricket, showcasing the intense contests that unfold between bat and ball.