First T20 World Cup

MS Dhoni led India won the first T20 World Cup in 2007 []MS Dhoni led India won the first T20 World Cup in 2007 []

The inaugural T20 World Cup 2007, hosted in South Africa from September 11 to 24, kick-started the global craze for the T20 format.

This pioneering event brought together 12 teams for a high-octane 13-day cricket extravaganza and set the stage for what would become one of the sport’s most electrifying competitions.

T20 World Cup History

In 2007, the cricket world witnessed the birth of the first T20 World Cup, a tournament that would soon become a cornerstone of international cricket.

Contested by the 10 Test-playing nations and two qualifiers, Kenya and Scotland, this championship introduced a brisk, intense version of the game that caught the imagination of fans worldwide.

It paved the way for a fresh, dynamic approach to cricket, thrilling audiences and reshaping the future of the sport.

First T20 World Cup Teams

The tournament lineup was a melting pot of established and emerging cricket nations. Alongside cricket heavyweights like India, Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe, the event featured lesser-known T20 teams such as Kenya and Scotland.

This diverse participation highlighted the tournament’s role in levelling the playing field and promoting cricket's global appeal.

First T20 World Cup Results

Rohit Sharma with Stumps after India's World Cup win []Rohit Sharma with Stumps after India's World Cup win []

India emerged victorious in a nail-biting finale against Pakistan, clinching the title by a whisker with a five-run victory.

The tournament was marked by a unique rule for resolving ties—a bowl-out, which was notably employed in a group-stage clash between India and Pakistan.

Here’s a detailed look at the first T20 World Cup results

Sr No.
111/09/2007South Africa vs West IndiesWanderers StadiumSouth Africa won by 8 wickets
212/09/2007Kenya vs New ZealandKingsmeadNew Zealand won by 9 wickets
312/09/2007Pakistan vs ScotlandKingsmeadPakistan won by 51 runs
412/09/2007Australia vs ZimbabweNewlandsZimbabwe won by 5 wickets
513/09/2007Bangladesh vs West IndiesWanderers StadiumBangladesh won by 6 wickets
613/09/2007England vs ZimbabweNewlandsEngland won by 50 runs
713/09/2007India vs ScotlandKingsmeadNo result
814/09/2007Kenya vs Sri LankaWanderers StadiumSri Lanka won by 172 runs
914/09/2007Australia vs EnglandNewlandsAustralia won by 8 wickets
14/09/2007India vs PakistanKingsmeadIndia won in bowl-out after scores were tied
1115/09/2007New Zealand vs Sri LankaWanderers StadiumSri Lanka won by 7 wickets
1215/09/2007South Africa vs BangladeshNewlandsSouth Africa won by 7 wickets
1316/09/2007India vs New ZealandWanderers StadiumNew Zealand won by 10 runs
1416/09/2007Australia vs BangladeshNewlandsAustralia won by 9 wickets
1516/09/2007South Africa vs EnglandNewlandsSouth Africa won by 19 runs
1617/09/2007Pakistan vs Sri LankaWanderers StadiumPakistan won by 33 runs
1718/09/2007England vs New ZealandKingsmeadNew Zealand won by 5 runs
1818/09/2007Australia vs PakistanWanderers StadiumPakistan won by 6 wickets
1918/09/2007Bangladesh vs Sri LankaWanderers StadiumSri Lanka won by 64 runs
19/09/2007South Africa vs New ZealandKingsmeadSouth Africa won by 6 wickets
2119/09/2007England vs IndiaKingsmeadIndia won by 18 runs
2220/09/2007Australia vs Sri LankaNewlandsAustralia won by 10 wickets
2320/09/2007Bangladesh vs PakistanNewlandsPakistan won by 4 wickets
2420/09/2007South Africa vs IndiaKingsmeadIndia won by 37 runs
2522/09/2007New Zealand vs PakistanNewlandsPakistan won by 6 wickets
2622/09/2007Australia vs IndiaKingsmeadIndia won by 15 runs
2724/09/2007India vs PakistanWanderers StadiumIndia won by 5 runs

First T20 World Cup Venue

The first T20 World Cup venues were nothing short of iconic, with matches held at Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town, Kingsmead in Durban, and Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg.

These stadiums, known for their lively atmospheres, were packed to the rafters, with capacities ranging from 22,000 to 34,000 enthusiastic fans cheering on their teams.

First T20 World Cup Trophy

The T20 World Cup Trophy []The T20 World Cup Trophy []

The trophy for the first T20 World Cup became a symbol of innovation and triumph in cricket. As the inaugural champions, MS Dhoni-led India not only took home this prestigious award but also set a high bar for the spirited and engaging competitions that the T20 format would continue to deliver in the years to come.

First T20 World Cup: FAQs

Q.1. Where was the first T20 World Cup held?

Answer: The inaugural T20 World Cup was held in South Africa in 2007.

Q.2. How many T20 World Cup winners are there?

Answer: The ICC Men's T20 World Cup has had six winners from eight tournaments.

Q.3. Why is the T20 World Cup held every 2 years?

Answer: The T20 World Cup is held every two years to maintain a balanced international cricket calendar that accommodates various formats of the game, ensuring regular and exciting global tournaments.

Q.4. When did West Indies win the T20 World Cup?

Answer: The West Indies won the T20 World Cup in 2012 and again in 2016.

Q.5. How many T20 World Cups have been won by West Indies?

Answer: West Indies has won the T20 World Cup twice.