Shubman Gill Girlfriend

Sara Tendulkar & Shubman Gill's relationship has always been a hot topic of discussionSara Tendulkar & Shubman Gill's relationship has always been a hot topic of discussion

When cricket meets Bollywood or famous personalities, it's a treat for both media and fans. One such relationship that has been under the scanner for a while now is that of Shubman Gill and the daughter of legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, Sara Tendulkar. 

Here's a detailed account of the speculations about Shubman Gill's girlfriend, Sara Tendulkar, and reality surrounding their relationship.

Who is Shubhman Gill's girlfriend, Sara Tendulkar?

Sara Tendulkar for an event []Sara Tendulkar for an event []

While the surname 'Tendulkar' carries with it an enormous legacy, Sara has shown a determination to carve out her own niche. After completing her early education in Mumbai's Dhirubhai Ambani International School, she ventured overseas to study Medicine at the University College London. 

Contrary to expectations, her foray into the public eye wasn't through films, but through modelling. An advertisement for Ajio Luxe showcased her in a new light. Although rumours hinted at a potential Bollywood debut, they were promptly dismissed by her father.

Shubhman Gill and Sara Tendulkar's relationship history

The rumour mills started churning in 2020 when Sara Tendulkar openly cheered for Shubman Gill during an IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians. Her admiration for the young cricketer's fielding efforts led to whispers about a possible romantic connection.

Sara Tendulkar's Instagram post for Shubman GillSara Tendulkar's Instagram post for Shubman Gill

During the World Cup 2023 hosted in India, India played one of the group stage game against Bangladesh at Pune, where familiar face in the crowd added another layer to the intrigue. Sara, who had travelled an impressive 150 kilometres from Mumbai, made a surprise appearance. This was her first sighting at a match this year, and its significance was not lost on spectators.

During the Bangladesh innings, as the cameras panned to capture key moments, they inadvertently caught Sara, particularly when Shubman Gill showcased his athleticism with a stunning catch. 

Tendulkar making her persence felt in IND's WC matchTendulkar making her persence felt in IND's WC match

The very act of her applauding the Indian team, especially during moments that highlighted Gill's contributions, sent the rumour mills into overdrive. 

While the truth of their relationship remains a mystery, such moments undoubtedly provide ample fodder for discussions, leaving many to wonder if the old sparks between the duo have been rekindled.

What Does Sara Tendulkar Do?

Sara Tendulkar is the brand ambassador for Laneige []Sara Tendulkar is the brand ambassador for Laneige []

Born on September 12, 1997, Sara Tendulkar is the first born to legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, and his wife, Anjali Tendulkar - who is is a pediatrician as well as a philanthropist. 

Sara Tendulkar has an illustratous personality on social media, especially on Instagram, where she holds over 6 million followers. She is an influencer and a professional model, as she does ads for hair care and skincare brands, and notable gifting platforms as well.   

Frequently Asked Questions about Shubman Gill's Girlfriend

Q.1. How did the rumours about Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar's relationship start?

Answer: The rumours began swirling in 2020 when Sara called Shubman her 'favourite' player and cheered for his performance during an IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians. Their interactions on social media, where they frequently commented on each other's posts, further fuelled the speculations. 

Q.2. Have either Shubman or Sara confirmed their relationship?

Answer: Neither Shubman nor Sara has publicly confirmed the nature of their relationship. Their interactions have been largely open to interpretation, and while there is significant speculation about their closeness, definitive confirmation from either party remains elusive.

Q.3. What caused the speculation about their breakup in 2022?

Answer: The rumours of a split between Shubman and Sara intensified when they reportedly unfollowed each other on Instagram, a platform where they previously engaged actively.