When Virat Kohli Unveiled The First Impression Made by Rohit Sharma

image-lrg82b5bRohit Sharma in 2011 [Twitter.com]

In the dynamic world of cricket, partnerships often define success. One such formidable partnership that has been the backbone of Indian cricket in the last decade is the duo of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. As two of the modern-day greats, their journey from promising young talents to seasoned leaders has been a fascinating narrative. Yet, amidst the glory and triumphs, a lesser-known anecdote emerges – the first impression Virat Kohli had of Rohit Sharma.

In a candid conversation with Gaurav Kapur on 'Breakfast with Champions,' Kohli reminisced about the early days when both were emerging talents in Indian cricket. It was the year 2007, during the inaugural T20 World Cup, where Rohit Sharma's bat spoke louder than the chatter surrounding him. Kohli admitted to being curious about the hype surrounding Sharma at that time, wondering why everyone was talking about him and not the other young players.

Kohli vividly recounted the moment when he saw Rohit bat in the T20 World Cup, revealing, 

"When you saw him play, you understood what people were talking about. What we are witnessing here, amazing. I haven't seen someone time the ball better than him." 

The power of Rohit's strokes and his impeccable timing left Kohli in awe, putting an end to all his initial doubts.

Fast forward to the present, and both Kohli and Rohit have become pillars of Indian cricket. Their on-field exploits, combined with leadership roles, have elevated them to legendary status. However, it's essential to recognize Kohli's individual accomplishments, including being one of the most successful Indian captains, holding records for the fastest 10,000 international runs, most centuries as captain, and being the first player to reach 4000 runs in T20I cricket.