Saksham Chugh ∙ Sep 18 2023, 9:00 PM | 2 Min Read

[Watch] When Virat Kohli Mocked Rohit Sharma For Forgetting His iPod, Passport

image-lmojqx1eRohit Sharma and Virat Kohli in Asia Cup 2023

The Indian team showed a dominant character throughout the Asia Cup 2023 and were amazing in the final to win their eighth Asia Cup title. They bowled out the Sri Lankans for just 50 runs and chased down the score in just 37 deliveries, winning the match by 10 wickets. 

Many of Rohit's friends and he himself have accepted that he has a habit of forgetting his belongings. As his closest friend, Virat Kohli once stated in an interview, Rohit always forgets his belongings. 

While the team was about to head to the airport yesterday, the Indian captain, Rohit Sharma forgot his passport in the hotel and left the hotel. The team manager, who came last on the bus brought his passport and reminded him that he had left it in the hotel. 

[Watch] Virat Kohli mocks his friend Rohit Sharma:

In an interview with Gaurav Kapoor, who is a presenter, on his show 'Breakfast With Champions' Kohli shared that Rohit has a bad habit of forgetting things and that too which are used in daily life. 

He also said that now the team bus never leaves until the manager checks with Rohit if he has got all his belongings with him. Kohli also mentioned that he had forgotten things like an IPad, Phone, Passport and many more essential things. 

Now that Rohit has forgotten his passport again, fans are all over this video where Virat is mocking him. There have been occasions when people think something is going on between them but they have been always supportive of each other.