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"They say I'm a match fixer..." Wasim Akram opens up on dealing with cyber bullies

image-laqm5obqWasim Akram [Source: Twitter]

Former Pakistan legend and fast bowler Wasim Akram has opened about his struggles with cyber bullies. Akram, tagged 'swing king' has served as a coach to several teams and domestic league franchises. However, the 1990s match-fixing allegations still come back and haunt him. 

Akram opened up on his issues and how the current generation still refers to him as a 'match-fixer', the allegations led him to release an autobiography in an attempt to clear the air. 

Akram opens up

“In Australia, England, West Indies and India, when they talk about the World XI, when they talk about the best bowler in the world, my name pops up but in Pakistan, this generation, this social media generation, they are the one who come down, every comment they send, they say, ‘oh, he is a match fixer’, not knowing what it was. I have passed that stage in my life where I have to worry about people.”

Akram was attacked with allegations of fixing the game between Pakistan and  New Zealand at Christchurch in 1996. Later, he withdrew from the 1996 World Cup clash against India in the quarterfinals, inviting even more backlash from fans. 

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had formed an inquiry panel to investigate the event. Later, a report was released wherein several cricketers were held responsible for match-fixing, including Salim Malik and Ata-ur-Rehman. Akram was graced with the benefit of the doubt and escaped any serious charges save for a INR 3,00,000 fine. 

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