Ravi Ashwin Fires Back at Harbhajan Singh in his YouTube Video

image-lf9lutkxRavichandran Ashwin (Source: AP Newsroom)

India's premier all-rounder and long-time spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has been outstanding for the side in the past as he has performed time and time again. Recently, he was jointly awarded the player of the series along with Ravindra Jadeja after performing against Australia where he struck at crucial junctures of the game while chipping in with the bat too.

Ashwin is known for his canny mind and a great presence on the field, something the off-spinner has demonstrated in the past.

The Indian cricketer also runs a YouTube channel where he presents his views freely to everyone. However, in his latest video, the Tamil Nadu-born took a dig at former Indian veteran Harbhajan Singh over his controversial remarks.

The current Indian all-rounder made his comments as Singh before the Australia series mentioned that the visitors are more worried about the pitch than Ashwin's bowling.

In reply, the veteran of 474 wickets fired back without taking his name, saying that former players start thinking about them as stars and think no one can replace them in future. This develops ego in their mind and they can't accept the fact that someone can be better than them.

"In India, some think they are the best and then suddenly someone from the next generation comes and does better than them. Accept that there'll always be someone better, only then can we stop using this statement, "In those days when we played..."

Ashwin and Harbhajan have been India's best spinners and now, it will be interesting to see if they manage to bury their duel.