Ramiz Raja added to PCB Pension List 

image-lct12turRamiz Raja receiving an award [Source: Twitter]

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) updates its Players' Welfare Policy and announced on Wednesday that it has increased the pension benefit for former Test cricketers. The policy was last updated in January 2019, but now includes an annual inflation increase to ensure steady rise in the pension amounts compared to the inflation rates. 

Among the receivers of the policy is former Prime Minister and Test cricketer Imran Khan, who will receive PKR154,000. While 24 others will receive PKR154,000. 7 of them will receive PKR148,000. And 32 of them will receive PKR142,000. 

The Pakistan Board also announced that it has added Ramiz Raja to the list of pensioners, even after a public falling out with the former Chief. Ramiz Raja will start receiving his pension from February 2023. 

Former Chief Ramiz Raja had induced the increase in pension

“It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to announce the increase in pension amounts and other amendments to the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy. With a former cricketer at the helm of Pakistan cricket affairs, the expectation was that I will always protect and look after the interests and welfare of all present and past cricketers. I am delighted that I have been able to fulfill another of my commitments and have amended the policy in such a way that there will now be an annual increase in the pension amounts.”

List of categories for pension:

  • Category A - players who have featured in 21 or more Tests: From PKR54,000 to PKR154,000
  • Category B - players who have played between 11 and 20 Tests: From PKR48,000 to PKR148,000
  • Category C - who have played in 10 or less Tests: From PKR42,000 to PKR142,000

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