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Anurag Dasgupta ∙ Updated: Apr 17 2023, 4:37 PM | 2 Min Read

He is My Source of Inspiration: Virat Kohli on Comparison with Sachin Tendulkar

image-lgkoq8dkVirat Kohli lifting Sachin Tendulkar on his shoulders [Twitter]

Ever-since his early days, Virat Kohli has been touted as the successor to the great Sachin Tendulkar. They have a similar playing style, and are two of the greatest players to ever held the bat for India.

In a recent conversation with Jio Cinema, alongside former cricketer Robin Uthappa, Virat Kohli was asked about the comparison with Sachin Tendulkar and the former India captain had a straight-forward reply, hailing Sachin as his 'source of inspiration.'

“For me, Sachin Paaji has always been an emotion. You speak to anyone they always looked at him as one of their own and that happens because there is so much faith everyone has in him, and in fact, when he was playing we used to feel comfortable. He is our source of inspiration and source of comfort which we all look for, when he used to score runs, life was good. It is like eating home food, you know the feel we get, the comfort,” Kohli told Jio Cinema.

He further added: “It is a very different kind of impact that he left on me. People who all like to enjoy comparing and stats, that is okay. I am just happy that in whatever way people see it, I have been able to carry that expectation forward. I can nurture and keep continuing to provide Indian cricket, and I know contributions are important and I feel honoured to be in this position. I take a lot of pride in that and I am just grateful that the transition was able to happen soon."

This is not the first time Kohli has hailed Tendulkar. Time after time, Kohli has refused to talk about the comparison and has always highly spoken about the former Indian cricketer.