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Khwaja votes for set-term coaching stints

image-laz4lhlvUsman Khawaja (Source: Twitter)

Australian cricket has been weathering a storm surrounding the exit of Justin Langer as the coach of the national team. The news has been making the headlines for the past few weeks and now is set to overshadow the cricketing action of Australian summer. 

But the players have that they are immune to all the off the field action. They have also backed that new man Andre McDonald, even after a disappointing T20 World Cup 2022 campaign.

However, star Australian batter, Usman Khwaja has spoken up about the challenges of coaching a team like Australia,. He has voiced in favour of coaches or mentors having a set-time of tenure. 

Khwaja feels that having a set time at the post will prevent the coaches from being worn down by the game's busy schedule and off the field pressure. 

“I really think JL for the time he came in for the transition and what was happening at the time, he was probably the perfect person to come in," Khawaja said (as quoted by The West Australian).

“This job is tough and in my personal opinion, Australian coaches shouldn’t have more than a four-to-five year window where they can coach.

“Because this job will get you down. And things change so quickly in international sport.

“I had this conversation with Andrew McDonald even before he became the coach. And he actually agreed with me.

“US Presidency they have two terms of four years. I think there needs to be a similar thing for an Australian coach. Because it’s a very tough gig.”

McDonlad can be strict when needed

While Langer was walking away from the job of Australian coach, there were feedbacks from the players that he was too intense. This has prompted a general opinion that Andrew McDonald is too soft and lack the traditional Aussie ruthlessness. 

But the Australian players like Josh Hazlewood and Travis Head have opined other wise and has stated that McDonald can be strict when the situation demands. 

"He's a man's man I think," Hazlewood said.

"He's a great player manager. He's so adaptable to every player. Obviously the 11 players are different. Sometimes you have 15 on tour.

"Every player is different and he just understands what they need at certain times.

"I'd say he's more hands on than any other coach I've had.

"His cricket brain is unreal. He never doesn't have an answer, really. He'll come up with something."

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