Arnav Chopra ∙ Oct 14 2022, 11:30 AM | 2 Min Read

An open letter to Jasprit Bumrah from an Indian Fan

image-l982eg96Jasprit Bumrah (Source: Associated Press)

Dear Boom,

You probably might not know me, and infact, many of us, too, who are missing you when you're down, out and injured. Unfortunately, when T20 World Cup takes centre stage in Australia, you won't be there in the shining blue jersey that you always wear with pride. 

I know it is tough to deal with injuries and even tougher to deal with the pain of missing out on such a crucial event that you must have been eagerly waiting for. However, those 1.38 Billion Indians will not be missing just your bowling but your charm that is even more sweeter.

We, as a country, have always missed a bowler who bowls so well in the death. It is not just the bowling, it is the impact you cause when you bowl in those toe-crushing yorkers that dent the opposition. When we see our young bowlers getting smacked all over the park, it just makes us miss you increasingly. 

Still, remember the time you made your debut for India in Sydney, you weren't even in the ODI squad, but as fate would have had it, you stormed your way into the National side. Even the Aussies were bamboozled on their pitches, and I am imagining how much influential you would have been Down Under this time around. 

image-l982f7vyJasprit Bumrah (Source: Associated Press)

Your consistency with the ball in hand has been phenomenal, and you know what, from Sachin-Sachin to Kohli-Kohli, we have now moved on to the chants of Bumrah-Bumrah. The kids don't want to be batters anymore, they want to be 'THE JASPRIT BUMRAH'. 

My 5-year-old nephew might not understand mathematics that well, but he knows who Bumrah is. He finds it difficult to deal with the alphabets but can replicate your iconic action.

This has been your legacy, and it is nothing short of quality. When you will look back at this phase, you will smile and realise how lucky you were to make a comeback that is stronger than this setback. I hope to see you very soon, roaring in Wankhede again!

We will wait for you, Boom! 

Yours sincerely,
A true Indian fan.

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