A Clown in a Village Circus: Ramiz Raja Takes Dig at PCB Management

image-lgrmpuowRamiz Raja takes a dig at PCB [Twitter]

In a scathing critique of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) former chairman Ramiz Raja has expressed his reservations about the appointment of Mickey Arthur as the director for the Pakistan men’s team. 

The former Pakistan cricketer has taken issue with the decision made by the PCB management committee, led by Najam Sethi, who he accuses of having questionable priorities in terms of their loyalty to Pakistan cricket.

The Pakistan veteran voiced his concerns over the apparent division in Arthur's loyalties between his county job and the Pakistan cricket team, describing the decision as being akin to "a clown in a village circus."

"A first of its kind coach/director of cricket picked to run Pakistan cricket remotely, whose loyalty is first with his county job than Pakistan cricket. This is as crazy as a clown in a village circus," said Raja as reported by cricketpakistan.com.

The former chairman also took aim at the PCB chairman, criticizing his lack of cricketing expertise and his management team's attitude, which he described as being composed of political, narrow- minded club runners. Raja further castigated them for earning Rs. 12 lakhs per month in salaries.

"A PCB chairman who doesn't understand cricket, probably was not even good enough to make it to the XI in a club game, heads a cabal of political, petty minded club runners for a management committee to run Pakistan cricket affairs, who are on a Rs 12 lakhs a month salary,” concluded the erstwhile cricketer.

This is not the first time Raja has publicly criticized Sethi and his management committee. It is pertinent to mention that the 60-year-old was himself removed from the PCB office by the current patron-in-chief, Shehbaz Sharif. The Pakistan stalwart was bestowed with the position of chairman of the board in 2021 by the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

Meanwhile, the PCB made a formal announcement yesterday, confirming Mickey Arthur as the Director of the National side. In this newly appointed role, the South African will be entrusted with the vital tasks of devising and implementing crucial strategies for the Pakistan men's team.

Additionally, Arthur will be joining the coaching staff for several major events, including the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, the tour to Australia, Asia Cup and the home series against the West Indies.