New Zealand's Head Coach

Gary Stead has been New Zealand's head coach since 2018 ( Stead has been New Zealand's head coach since 2018 (

New Zealand's cricket coaching history is marked by a series of transformations, with all their coaches bringing distinct approaches to the team's development and performance on the international stage.

From Glenn Turner's initial tenure in the mid-1980s to the current leadership under Gary Stead, each head coach has brought unique philosophies and tactics to the fore, significantly influencing the team's development and its standing on the global stage.

As New Zealand cricket progressed through different eras, these coaches introduced innovative training methods, strategic game plans, and a focus on nurturing young talent, all contributing to the team's notable achievements in international cricket.

This journey of coaching transitions highlights the critical role that strategic, long-term coaches have played in elevating New Zealand's performance in both bilateral and ICC tournaments. Here's a list of New Zealand’s head coaches.

List of New Zealand’s Head Coaches

Glenn Turner1985-87New Zealand
Bob Cunis1987-90New Zealand
Warren Lees1990-93New Zealand
Geoff Howarth1993-35New Zealand
Glenn Turner1995-96New Zealand
Steve Rixon1996-99Australia
David Trist1999-2001New Zealand
Denis Aberhart2001-03New Zealand
John Bracewell2003-08New Zealand
Andy Moles2008-09England
Mark Greatbatch2010New Zealand
John Wright2010-12New Zealand
Mike Hesson2012-18New Zealand
Gary Stead2018-PresentNew Zealand

New Zealand’s T20 Coach: Gary Stead

Gary Stead will aim to lead the Kiwis to their first T20 WC title ( Stead will aim to lead the Kiwis to their first T20 WC title (

Gary Stead, who took over the coaching responsibilities in 2018, has been vital in maintaining New Zealand's stature as a formidable team in all formats of cricket.

Under his guidance, New Zealand reached the finals of the 2019 ODI World Cup and won the inaugural ICC World Test Championship in 2021.

Stead's tenure has also seen the team reach the semi-finals of the 2023 ODI World Cup. His strategic foresight and calm demeanour have been instrumental in steering the team through high-stakes tournaments.

Stead’s next goal will be the T20 World Cup 2024 where he will hope to lead the Kiwi side to their first ever T20 World Cup trophy. 

New Zealand's Head Coach: FAQs

Q.1. Who is the current head coach of New Zealand?

Answer: Gary stead is the current head coach of the New Zealand team. He took over the coaching role in 2018 from Mike Hesson.

Q.2. Who is the batting coach of the New Zealand cricket team?

Answer: Luke Ronchi, who was represented both Australia and New Zealand at the international level is the current batting coach of the NZ side.

Q.3. Has New Zealand won any ICC trophy?

Answer: New Zealand have won two ICC trophies. They won the Champions Trophy in 2000, and also won the inaugural edition of the World Test Championship in 2021.

Q.4. Why is New Zealand so good at cricket?

Answer: New Zealand cricket generally give longer ropes to their players, which helps them in developing their game. Also, they are smart tactically, which can be seen in crucial knockout matches.