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[Watch] Travis Head Delivers A 'Ripper' To Castle 'Dangerous' Heinrich Klaasen

image-lp149lkuHeinrich Klaasen reacts after being bowled out [Ap photos]

In a riveting World Cup 2023 semi-final clash between South Africa and Australia, the momentum of the game shifted dramatically when the Proteas' Heinrich Klaasen fell victim to an impressive delivery from Australian all-rounder Travis Head.

The 32-year-old batter, who had been a pivotal force in the partnership with David Miller, guiding South Africa to a challenging total of 119 for 4, saw his promising innings cut short at 47 runs off 46 balls.

The crucial moment unfolded in the 31st over of the match when Head, in his first over, managed to dismiss the dangerous-looking Klaasen. Head's delivery, an overspinner tossed up on the stumps, left Klaasen struggling to get forward and cover the line. The ball spun past the outside edge, crashing into the middle stump, marking the end of Klaasen's innings.

Watch - Travis Head gets Dangerous Klassen 

Head's breakthrough not only ended the strong partnership but also heightened the pressure on the South African batters. The dismissal raised questions about Klaasen's form, with speculation about a possible impact from an earlier blow to his helmet in the match.

The significance of this wicket was underscored by Head's jubilant reaction, waving off Klaasen as he departed. The dismissal proved to be a turning point in the match, breaking the dangerous stand and providing Australia with a crucial advantage in their quest for victory.