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[Watch] Quinton de Kock Thrashes Siraj Brutally; Punches Back To Back Sixes

QDK is on fire (AP Photo)
QDK is on fire (AP Photo)

In a scintillating display of power-hitting, Quinton de Kock delivered a masterclass performance against Mohammed Siraj in the on-going RCB vs LSG match at Chinnaswamy Stadium. With back-to-back sixes, de Kock showcased his prowess, leaving the crowd in awe and the bowler stunned.

Watch the video here:

The first six came off a full-length delivery angling across the middle, a seemingly poor delivery from Mohd. Siraj, who found himself bowling right into de Kock's strong zone. With impeccable timing and brute force, de Kock dispatched the ball over deep square leg, inching closer to a formidable score.

But the onslaught didn't end there. In a display of sheer dominance, de Kock hammered another six off Siraj's bowling. This time, it was a full-length delivery slanting across the middle. De Kock, displaying his textbook technique, got into a perfect position and effortlessly flicked the ball over long leg, sending it soaring into the stands for a massive six.

These consecutive sixes not only showcased de Kock's exceptional batting skills but also highlighted his ability to capitalize on even the slightest lapse from the bowler. At the time of writing, he continues his assault on the RCB bowlers by thrashing them with humongus sixes. LSG stands at 51/0.