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[Watch] Klaas Strikes To Remove Dangerous Ellyse Perry Cheaply In AUSW Vs SAW Test

image-lsn0c40hEllyse Perry got out cheaply [X.com]

In a crucial moment of the lone test match between Australia Women and South Africa Women, Masabata Klaas delivered a crucial breakthrough by dismissing the dangerous Ellyse Perry at a low cost.

Australian women clashed with South African women's team for the lone Test of the ongoing tour. After being put to bat first, the hosts lost opener Phoebe Litchfield cheaply. However, the team banked on star veteran Ellyse Perry to do the job. But Masabata Klaas planned to play a spoilsport to jolt the Aussie women.

Masabata Klaas, the promising South African pace bowler, showcased her skill and determination by bowling a well-directed delivery to dismiss Ellyse Perry early in the innings. Perry, known for her ability to score crucial runs and pick up wickets, was expected to play a pivotal role for Australia in the match. 

However, Klaas had other plans as she managed to find the outside edge of Perry's bat, resulting in a comfortable catch for the wicketkeeper.

With that, Australia lost two wickets in quick succession as South Africa gained the upper hand. The dismissal of Perry provided a significant breakthrough for South African women and injected momentum into their bowling attack. 

Klaas's ability to strike early and remove a key batter like Perry put Australia Women on the back foot and provided South Africa with an opportunity to build pressure on the opposition.

Klaas's delivery to dismiss Perry highlighted her skill and accuracy as a fast bowler. It also showcased her ability to execute plans effectively and capitalise on key moments in the game. The dismissal of Perry was a testament to Klaas' talent and her potential to make a significant impact on South African women in international cricket.