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[Watch] India Captain Uday Saharan's 'Ugly Fight' With Bangladesh Cricketer In U-19 World Cup 2024

image-lrlxshjuUday Saharan fights with BAN U-19 player (X.com)

India, the five-time U-19 World Cup champions are up against Bangladesh in their opening game of ICC Men's U-19 World Cup 2024. India were in early trouble with two big wickets upfront, but captain Uday Saharan steadied the ship with Adarsh Singh and took India to safer shores. 

However, a heated argument between Saharan and Bangladesh spinner, Ariful Islam has now grabbed plenty of eyeballs. 

There has been a history of conflict between these two sides at the U-19 World Cup and it seems that the new batch of players have decided to carry on that legacy.

The incident happened on the second delivery of the 25th over. Ariful was bowling his second over and Uday quite easily paddled a full delivery to short fine leg. He took a single but Ariful Islam for some strange reason looked quite frustrated and spilled out some not-so-kind words for the Indian captain.

Uday Saharan also did not back down and gave a reply to Ariful as the conversation started heating up. The umpire eventually had to cool down temperatures but it is quite clear that all is not well between these young talented cricketers of India and Bangladesh.