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[Watch] Ball Of The IPL 2024! Rossouw Castles As Bumrah Nails The 'Deadliest Yorker Ever'

Bumrah cleaned up Rilee with so much ease (AP Photo)
Bumrah cleaned up Rilee with so much ease (AP Photo)

In a fiery showdown between the Mumbai Indians and the Punjab Kings, the cricketing world witnessed a moment of pure magic as Jasprit Bumrah unleashed his lethal weapon – the yorker. Making his debut for the Punjab Kings, Rilee Rossouw found himself at the receiving end of Bumrah's thunderous delivery, and the result was nothing short of spectacular.

Watch the video here:

With the scorecard already reflecting the dire straits of the Punjab Kings, Rossouw's arrival was hoped to be a turning point. However, fate had a different plan. As Jasprit Bumrah charged in with intent, the anticipation soared. In a flash, the ball thundered down the pitch, homing in on the stumps with deadly precision.

Despite his best efforts, Rossouw was left bewildered by the sheer ferocity of the delivery. With minimal footwork, he attempted to counter the onslaught but found himself outplayed by Bumrah's mastery. The yorker crashed into the middle stump, sending it cartwheeling out of the ground in a spectacle that left the crowd gasping in awe.

This pivotal moment not only showcased Bumrah's unrivaled skill but also underscored the unforgiving nature of the game. In the blink of an eye, Rossouw's debut dreams were shattered, as he walked back for just a single run.