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[Watch] 6, 6 And Gone! Nalkande Says Goodbye To 'Half-Century' Hulk Marcus Stoinis

Darshan Nalkande and Shubman Gill were pumped after sending Stoinis away (AP News)
Darshan Nalkande and Shubman Gill were pumped after sending Stoinis away (AP News)

In a thrilling turn of events at the Ekana Stadium, Nalkande has bid adieu to the 'Half-Century Boy,' Marcus Stoinis, during the ongoing LSG vs GT match. The crowd erupted as Stoinis departed at a crucial juncture, courtesy of a stunning comeback by the young talent, Darshan Nalkande.

Watch the video here:

The pivotal moment occurred in the 14.5th over when Nalkande delivered a fuller-length delivery at the stumps. Stoinis, known for his aggressive batting, attempted to dispatch the ball towards the mid-wicket fence with a powerful hoick. 

However, he mistimed his shot, resulting in a thick leading edge off the bat. The ball soared high into the night sky, behind the wicket, leaving spectators holding their breath. Debutant Sharath BR showcased his prowess by seizing the opportunity, claiming his maiden IPL catch with expert precision. Despite stumbling slightly, Sharath managed to maintain control, securing a crucial dismissal.

Darshan Nalkande's fiery comeback after conceding a couple of sixes earlier that led to his half century in the match added to the spectacle. His determination and skill were on full display as he celebrated the dismissal of the formidable Stoinis, infusing the atmosphere with electrifying energy.

As the game progresses, LSG finds itself at 121/4, with Nicholas Pooran and Ayush Badoni poised at the crease.