Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium (MCA)

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Located in Pune, the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, often known as the MCA Stadium, is a modern wonder in the world of cricketing venues. Inaugurated in 2012, this relatively newer stadium swiftly made a name, establishing itself as one of the premier grounds in India.


Sprawling over a significant expanse in the Gahunje area, the MCA Stadium stands as an attestation to state-of-the-art architecture and design, equipped with top-notch facilities to host international and domestic matches. With a seating capacity that can house thousands of fans, it ensures that fans have an engaging and comfortable viewing experience.

In a short span, the MCA Stadium has hosted numerous notable cricket matches and solidified its importance in India's cricketing landscape. From high-voltage IPL games to critical international ODIs and T20I matches, the stadium has seen it all.

Given its strategic location and world-class amenities, it has become a sought-after venue for major cricketing events in India. Its rise in prominence reflects Pune's growing stature in the cricketing world and its commitment to developing the sport.

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Pune Capacity

A prominent feature of the MCA Stadium is its expansive seating capacity, which stands at a commendable 37,000. Such a substantial capacity ensures that a vast number of fans can converge and partake in the thrilling live action, creating an electrifying environment.

The magnitude of having a 37,000-strong crowd cannot be understated. Every roar, every sigh, and every applause resonates, adding a layer of intensity to the game, both motivating players on the field and providing an unforgettable experience for the spectators.

The sheer size of a stadium plays a crucial role in elevating the overall match experience. It's not just about accommodating more fans; it's about magnifying the shared emotions, the collective anticipation, and the united celebrations. The MCA Stadium, with its 37,000 seats, is more than equipped to be the heart of such vibrant cricketing spectacles.

Key Features of Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium

  • The playing surface is graced with Bermuda-grass, accompanied by an innovative irrigation system of pop-up sprinklers. The ground is designed for rapid water drainage through its advanced three-layered base comprising a gravel drainage layer, a middle layer of washed grit-sand, and a top rootzone layer consisting of silica sand, zeolite, and cocopeat.
  • An adjoining practice ground furnished with net facilities, catering to both practice sessions and smaller-scale matches.
  • A seating capacity that can accommodate approximately 37,000 spectators.
  • The stadium boasts a dedicated members' pavilion and a specialized stand for media personnel.
  • Exclusive amenities for members, including facilities like squash and badminton courts, a refreshing swimming pool, a rejuvenating spa, and a range of restaurants and bars.
  • For those seeking a premium viewing experience, the stadium offers around 80 corporate hospitality boxes.
  • A cutting-edge indoor cricket academy, which is complemented by residential quarters, aims to nurture and train budding cricketing talents.
  • Ample parking space, with provisions for nearly 3,500 cars and provisions to park around 12,000 two-wheelers.

Record-Breaking Moments

Over the years, Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune has been the stage for many a cricketing drama. From edge-of-the-seat thrillers to individual masterclasses, the stadium has seen it all. Let's dive into some of the iconic moments and records scripted at this esteemed venue.

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium: Iconic moments

O’Keefe’s 12-fer: One of the most unforgettable moments that the stadium has hosted was during a Test match between India and Australia in 2017. The game is most remembered for Steve O'Keefe's stunning 12-wicket haul that led to an unexpected win for Australia. This match went down in history not just for O'Keefe's spellbinding performance, but also as a testament to the unpredictable nature of the sport.

Kohli & Jadhav's tons: One standout performance that fans often recall is when England faced India in 2017 in the first ODI. England set a challenging target of 351, but Kedar Jadhav and Virat Kohli's phenomenal partnership of over 200 runs steered India to a three-wicket victory. Jadhav's blistering knock of 120 off just 76 balls at his home ground along with Kohli’s 122 off 105 balls became a part of the stadium's ODI folklore.

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium ODI Records

First ODI Match
Last ODI Match 28/03/2021
Matches Played7
Matches Won Batting First4
Matches Won Batting Second3
Highest Individual Innings124 by Jonny Bairstow vs India (2021)
Best Bowling Figures4/35 by Jasprit Bumrah vs West Indies (2018)
Highest Total356/7 by India vs England (2017)
Lowest Total232 by India vs Australia (2013)
Highest Successful Run Chase356/7 by India vs England (2017)
Highest Partnership200 by Virat Kohli & Kedar Jadhav vs England (2017)
Most Runs448 in 7 matches by Virat Kohli
Most Wickets10 wickets in 6 matches by Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium T20I Records

First T20 Match
Last T20 Match 05/01/2023
Matches Played4
Matches Won Batting First2
Matches Won Batting Second2
Highest Individual Innings65 by Axar Patel vs Sri Lanka (2023)
Best Bowling Figures3/16 by Dasun Shanaka vs India (2016)
Highest Total206/6 by Sri Lanka vs India (2023)
Lowest Total101/10 by India vs Sri Lanka (2016)
Highest Successful Run Chase158/5 by England vs India (2012)
Highest Partnership97 by KL Rahul & Shikhar Dhawan vs Sri Lanka (2020)
Most Runs68 in 3 matches by Dasun Shanaka
Most Wickets5 wickets in 3 matches by Dasun Shanaka

Behind the Scenes at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium

A Closer Look

The attraction of the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune isn't just limited to the thrilling matches it hosts. Behind its grandeur lies meticulous planning and design, ensuring that every cricket encounter offers an unmatched experience for both players and spectators.

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Size

The stadium's physical layout is a crucial element influencing the game's dynamics. The straight and front square boundaries stretch to around 74m, whereas the square boundaries measure approximately 65m. This strategic design provides a balance, allowing batsmen the liberty to showcase a wide array of shots and bowlers the space to experiment with varied deliveries.

These dimensions not only play a decisive role in team strategies but also enhance the spectator experience. Matches at the MCA Stadium often oscillate between adrenaline-pumping high scores and nail-biting, tactically intense low scores.

Seating Comfort

Given cricket's intrinsic nature, which can stretch from a few hours to multiple days, spectator comfort becomes paramount.

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Seating Capacity

The MCA Stadium, with its capacity to seat 37,000 spectators, represents comfort. Each seat is positioned to offer a clear, unobstructed view of the game, ensuring that fans are at the heart of every thrilling moment. The stadium's design and gradient are such that even those seated at the farthest end feel as if they're right in the middle of the action.

The essence of comfortable seating in cricket cannot be emphasized enough. With the game's intricate nuances, evolving strategies, and drama, it's essential that spectators can focus entirely on the unfolding narrative. Ensuring seating comfort translates to an audience deeply engrossed in every over, every strategic move, every boundary, and every wicket.

Experiencing a live match at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium is beyond just watching cricket. With its top-tier facilities, thoughtful seating design, and the passionate energy of its fans, witnessing a match here is an experience etched in memory.

In the World Cup 2023, Pune hosted the India vs Bangladesh game, in which Virat Kohli scored a match-winning century to steer India past the winning line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. How can I book tickets to watch a cricket match at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium?

Answer: Tickets for matches at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium can be purchased through official ticketing partners, often available on platforms like BookMyShow, Insider, or the official website of the Maharashtra Cricket Association. Ensure to book in advance for high-profile matches to secure your spot. On-the-spot tickets might be available at the stadium's box office, but availability is generally limited and not guaranteed.

Q.2. What are the upcoming cricket matches at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium?

Answer: The MCA Stadium is set to host World Cup 2023 clashes. India-Bangladesh, Afghanistan Sri Lanka, New Zealand-South Africa, England-Netherlands, and Australia-Bangladesh are the five games that the MCA Stadium will be hosting

Q.3. Can I take a stadium tour to explore Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium?

Answer: Yes, the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium occasionally offers guided tours, allowing fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of this exceptional venue. These tours may cover areas like the players' dressing rooms, the press box, and even certain sections of the outfield. Availability and details of these tours can vary, so it's best to reach out directly to the Maharashtra Cricket Association or check their official website for more information.

Q.4. Are there any restrictions on bringing food or bags into the stadium?

Answer: Typically, most stadiums, including the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, have specific guidelines to ensure the safety and comfort of spectators. Outside food and beverages are not allowed. Additionally, spectators might be restricted from bringing large bags, sharp objects, and other potentially hazardous items. It's always a good practice to check the stadium's official guidelines or contact the administration ahead of the match day for a smooth experience.

Q.5. How can I reach Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium via public transport?

Answer: The Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, located in Gahunje, Pune, is accessible through various public transport options. The Pune Railway Station is a major hub, from which you can take a taxi, auto-rickshaw, or city buses that ply towards the stadium's location. Additionally, mobile-based navigation services like Google Maps offer accurate directions and can guide you on the best transportation choices from your starting point.

Remember, attending a match at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium is more than just watching cricket, it's about immersing yourself in an atmosphere brimming with passion, excitement, and shared love for the game.