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167-7 20.0

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170-4 18.1

Delhi Capitals won by 6 wickets

IPL 2024, LSG vs DC Match Highlights: Pant & Co. Defeat LSG For 1st Time Ever in IPL History; End Their Losing Streak

Rishabh Pant's DC secured its second victory of the 2024 IPL season 
Rishabh Pant's DC secured its second victory of the 2024 IPL season 

23:37 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC: That's all folks! 🌙

Another stunning evening comes to an even more stunning conclusion. At the start of the match today I made a prediction about DC reversing their jinx against LSG as they had never won a single game against them... until today.

Safe to say that it was a good prediction! 😉

And with that we bring an end to today's live blog. This is your host, Muskaan Bhatt signing off. Don't forget to join us tomorrow for the PBKS vs RR clash!

Until then, goodnight my friends! 

23:24 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Player of the Match: Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav
Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav returned to the DC lineup against LSG following an injury layoff, and immediately leaving his mark with his fantastic 3-wicket haul. The left-arm spinner dismissed Stoinis, Pooran, and captain KL Rahul. 

His stellar performance earned him the Player of the Match award in the thrilling encounter between LSG and DC.

23:19 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Fraser McGurk on his stunning half century-

Jake Fraser McGurk during the post-match interviewJake Fraser McGurk during the post-match interview


"I've spent the last five, six games on the, on the sidelines just watching it and itching to get out there. So just to get out there and have my first game to be a win, I'm stoked. Trying not to swing too hard and losing the shape and just trying to find the middle of the bat and just watching the ball and reacting to it. That's what I've been doing for the last twelve months and why change it? "

23:11 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Delhi Capitals win by 6 wickets!  🤩

The Delhi Capitals reclaim their winning form with a commanding six-wicket triumph over the Lucknow Super Giants. Led by Kuldeep Yadav, their bowling unit restrained LSG to 167/7. 

In the chase, debutant McGurk dazzled with an exciting 55-run innings, complemented by Captain Pant's solid 41, guiding DC to their second victory of the season. Making it the first time, LSG failed to defend 160+ total this season. 

23:06 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score:  Delhi is just 7 runs away from victory!

Tristan Stubbs and Shai Hope partner up to take this one home. A brilliant team effort indeed.

22:58 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: ICYMI  😉

22:55 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: WICKET!!

In a dramatic turn of events, DC lose skipper Pant just as he was inching closer to his half century. Ravi Bishnoi denies the fifty and Pant loses his bat as he tries to hit a shot! Nevertheless, he has done his job and DC is mere runs away from victory.

22:54 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Here comes Stubbs! 🤩

FYI, I am still not over his stunning performance against Mumbai Indians at Wankhede.

22:51 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: WICKET!!

After successfully making a strong impact on debut Jake departed after scoring 55 runs. Naveen-ul-Haq came back into the attack and removed the debutant.

22:44 (IST) Apr 12


What a moment and what a player. This young gun is going places. Absolutely outstanding!  

22:40 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: SIX, SIX AND SIX; McFraser Goes Obnoxious on Krunal Pandya 😲

A 50-run partnership comes up between Fraser-McGurk and Pant. Can they take it to the end?

I'm sorry but it's not a question... I know they will!

22:38 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: It's raining...boundaries in Lucknow 4️⃣ 

Captain Pant is on fire!!!!

22:34 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: 3000 runs for Rishabh Pant! 

22:32 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Is it a bird? Nah, that Rishabh Pant!

Smashes a six off Ravi Bishnoi and then an unstoppable boundary. Pant looking great! 🔥

DC- 90/2 at 11 overs

22:23 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Can Rishabh Pant mend DC's innings before they lose the grip?

22:17 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: WICKET!!!!!🚨

Prithvi Shaw departs for 32 runs as Ravi Bishnoi-Nicholas Pooran partner up to dismiss him. A good knock by the opener though! 

22:09 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Watch Warner's unfortunate dismissal here:

22:08 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Fraser McGurk- Shaw looking sharp, mates😎

22:04 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Fraser McGurk, YOU BEAUTY!!!!

A fantastic shot as he knocks it out the park.  Followed by a boundary off Arshad Khan. He is not dealing in singles, NOT TONIGHT. 🔥

21:59 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Jake Fraser McGurk is here!!!!!  6️⃣

AND THAT'S A START!!! Hits Yash Thakur for a six on his first IPL ball ever. Let's go!! 

21:58 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: WICKET!!!!!!

Yash Thakur strikes first for the hosts as Warner shuffles in the crease. Unluckily, the ball drops onto the pitch and smashes into the stumps, a cruel way to be dismissed. Earlier, Warner had his left hand sprayed.

21:55 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Warner working through pain!

ICYMI, David Warner got his left hand sprayed just a little while ago and He looks in some kind of pain now.

21:46 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: A beautiful shot by Shaw!

That's two back-to back boundaries. Shaw displaying some form and looks in fine touch.

21:44 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: FOUR!!!!! 4️⃣

Warner wastes no time, sends it straight to the boundary on the final ball of the over.

21:40 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Shaw gets hit!

The very first ball of the innings and Prithvi Shaw has already hit his hand. Physio runs in and checks on him.

Looks like he is okay and the game resumes...

21:39 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Second Innings Begin!

Prithvi Shaw and David Warner are here! Arshad Khan to bowl the first over.

21:25 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Delhi Capitals need 168 runs to win!💪🏻

Lucknow Super Giants were in a precarious position at 94/7, but a remarkable partnership between Ayush Badoni and Arshad Khan propelled them to a formidable total of 167/7. Badoni's sensational knock, supported by Khan, orchestrated a stunning recovery for the hosts.


Their partnership not only rescued the team from a dire situation but also played a pivotal role in setting up a competitive total. It was truly an unbelievable display of resilience and skill by Badoni and Khan, turning the tide in favor of LSG and putting them in a strong position in the match. 

A rollercoaster innings indeed! But now we wait for the next innings to begin as DC comes out to chase at the Ekana Stadium.  

21:24 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: A stunning Partnership between Badoni and Arshad

21:23 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: FOUR!!!!!!

Arshad Khan doesn't hold back as he smashes a cracking boundary off Ishant Sharma.

21:19 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: FIFTY!!!!!

Ayush Badoni, the young talent, showcasing his prowess yet again with a brilliant knock under pressure! It's always inspiring to see young players stepping up when the team needs them the most. His innings not only brought stability but also injected momentum into the game. 

21:14 (IST) Apr 12


21:11 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Prithvi Shaw Drops!!!!

Prithvi Shaw drops a regulation catch and the pair sneak a couple of runs to bring up the 50-run partnership. 

21:07 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: SIX!!!!!

Ayush Badoni hits a maximum off Khaleel Ahmed.

21:03 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Badoni-Arshad 🤝

A good partnership is brewing between the two, they are not missing any opportunites to score. As LSG is at 128/7 after 17 overs.

20:54 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: FOUR!

Back to back boundaries by Ayush Badoni off Mukesh Kumar. Can he take LSG to a respectable total??

20:51 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: 14 overs Gone, LSG at 100/7

20:47 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Wicket!!!! 🚨

After the failed review call, Mukesh Kumar redeems himself as he strikes and sends back Krunal Pandya in the same over.

Although a soft dismissal but a hard one to take for all the Lucknow fans as LSG has still not reached the 100-run mark. 

20:45 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Delhi Capitals lose both reviews

20:44 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Good News for DC fans!

Khaleel Ahmed looks fit and is back on field just in time.

20:41 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: WICKET!!

Deepak Hooda's stint falls short as he exits with just 10 runs. Ishant Sharma clinches a wicket as LSG's woes deepen, losing their sixth wicket in the 12th over. Sharma dismisses Hooda with a top edge, brilliantly caught by David Warner, adding to LSG's batting woes.

20:32 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: After 10 overs LSG is at 80/5.

20:29 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: WICKET!! KL Rahul Gone! 🫣

Kuldeep Yadav undeniably seizes the spotlight tonight after a hiatus due to injury. His comeback is nothing short of spectacular, claiming three wickets in just nine deliveries. Among his prized catches is skipper KL Rahul who departed after scoring 39 runs.

20:23 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Watch how Kuldeep Rocked LSG's world! 🤩

At the end of 8 overs, LSG is at 68/4.  A game changing over by Kuldeep Yadav indeed. Watch Nicholas Pooran's wicket here:

20:16 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: BYE BYE NICKY P!!!!

Kuldeep, you beauty! An absolute peach sends Nicholas Pooran flying back with a duck. Amazing, just amazing. What a turnaround has it been! LSG was at 64/2 and then came Yadav and now they are at 66/4. 

Keep going Kuldeep!!!!!!! 💪🏻

20:14 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Kuldeep Strikes!🎯

A simple catch by Ishant Sharma and a beautiful ball by Kuldeep sends back Marcus Stoinis for just 8 runs off 10 balls. This is what DC missed! Absolutely amazing!!!

20:11 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: FOUR!!4️⃣

Marcus Stoinis slaps Axar Patel with a crispy boundary.

20:08 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: At the end of powerplay, LSG is at 57/2

DC and LSG find solace in contrasting starts. DC's early wickets of de Kock and Padikkal buoy their spirits, while LSG, anchored by KL Rahul's 30, amass 57 runs. Stoinis, fresh to the crease, adds potency to their lineup. Khaleel Ahmed's two strikes for DC, despite conceding 28 in 3 overs, keep the contest alive.

20:07 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Take a look back at KL's Klassy Maximum!

20:05 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: OH NO! Khaleel Walks Back, is Delhi in trouble?

Khaleel Ahmed exits the field with the physio, sparking concerns for Delhi's prospects. Despite the setback, Lucknow Super Giants reach the 50-run mark within the first six overs, showcasing early dominance in the match. Ahmed's departure adds uncertainty to Delhi's game plan, heightening the stakes for their performance.

20:04 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: FOUR!

KL Rahul welcomes Mukesh Kumar with back to back boundaries. 

19:57 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: WICKET!!! 🚨

Devdutt Padikkal falls at the hands of Khaleel Ahmed. He departed after scoring just 3 runs. Another bad day for Padikkal, he failed to make an impact yet again and his debilitating form might be a big concern now for LSG.

19:55 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: DC lose a review!

A review was requested by DC to reverse the wide call. Upon reviewing the replays, it was confirmed that the ball did not touch Devdutt Padikkal, and the decision to call it wide remains unchanged.

19:45 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Lucknow Lose Quinton de Kock!

After scoring 19 runs, Quinny departs back to the pavillion and takes with him the hopes of his fans. At the end of 3 overs, LSG is at 28/1. 

Devdutt Padikkal joins captain KL at the crease. 

19:42 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Wicket, is it?

The umpire raises his finger, but KL Rahul has decided to go upstairs with it. And the decision is upheld. 

19:41 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: KL Rahul hits a six!

What a shot! The captain is taking charge at the crease. Can we see the OG KL come back to life today? 🥺

19:34 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: FOUR!!

Quinton smacks another four off Khaleel Ahmed in the final ball of his very first over.

LSG is at 10 for no loss at the end of the first over. 

In walks Ishant Sharma!

19:30 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Quinny is at it!4️⃣

De Kock gets going with a boundary off the very first delivery of the innings! No time to waste!

19:28 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: The Match Begins!

Quinton de Kock and KL Rahul are at the crease. Khaleel Ahmed to open the bowling for DC.

19:18 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: An exciting clash awaits us!

Interestingly, Delhi Capitals has never defeated Lucknow Super Giants. Are we in for a treat? Will we see Rishabh Pant and his men break the jinx and claim the victory for the first time ever?

19:10 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: DC's Debut!

DC's Jake Fraser-McGurk to feature in his maiden IPL game.

19:07 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Team Changes 

Lucknow Super Giants: Arshad Khan replaces Mayank Yadav. 

Delhi Capitals: Kuldeep Yadav and Mukesh Kumar are in. 

19:03 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Playing XI

Delhi Capitals Playing XI: Prithvi Shaw, David Warner, Shai Hope, Rishabh Pant (c & wk), Tristan Stubbs, Axar Patel, Jake Fraser-McGurk, Kuldeep Yadav, Mukesh Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Khaleel Ahmed

Lucknow Super Giants Playing XI: Lokesh Rahul (c & wk), Quinton de Kock, Devdutt Padikkal, Nicholas Pooran (vc), Marcus Stoinis, Ayush Badoni, Krunal Pandya, Arshad Khan, Ravi Bishnoi, Naveen ul Haq, Yash Ravisingh Thakur

19:00 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: KL Rahul and Co. Win The Toss!

LSG opts to bat first at Ekana Stadium.

18:36 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Will we see the KL Rahul magic today?

18:34 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Toss is about to begin soon, buckle up! 

18:31 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: And so is Delhi! 😎

18:25 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: The Lucknow Crew is all set 

18:23 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Ekana Pitch Report

The Ekana Cricket Stadium pitch presents a challenge for batters, requiring them to spend time settling in before accelerating their scoring. Bowlers enjoy a significant advantage here, with seam movement on the new ball being moderate, necessitating pacers to rely on variations like slow balls and cutters. Spinners, on the other hand, find ample assistance and significant turn from the surface.

Notoriously, the ground has witnessed low scores being defended in previous IPL seasons, highlighting its bowler-friendly nature. Run-scoring becomes progressively harder as the match progresses, amplifying the importance of batting first. In the current season, the average first-innings score stands at 181, with both victories secured by teams batting first.

For the upcoming LSG vs DC clash, the pitch is anticipated to be on the slower side. The Super Giants successfully restricted their previous opponent to 163 runs and will aim for a similar feat against the Capitals. Opting to bat first is advisable, considering the challenges posed to chasing sides in the last match.

18:20 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC Live Score: Oh it's on! 💪🏻

18:17 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC: Team Previews

Delhi Capitals

DC enters the contest grappling with injury woes, notably Kuldeep Yadav's absence due to a groin strain and Mitchell Marsh sidelined with a hamstring injury. Despite a promising start to the season, DC finds themselves at the bottom of the table with only one win in five matches. Rishabh Pant's side is striving to reverse their fortunes and salvage their playoff aspirations. 

The batting lineup, spearheaded by Tristan Stubbs and supported by Prithvi Shaw and David Warner, holds promise but needs consistency. In the bowling department, Khaleel Ahmed has been a standout performer amidst struggles, compounded by injuries to key bowlers like Mukesh Kumar and Kuldeep Yadav. 

As they seek redemption, DC must rectify their bowling woes and adapt to the conditions to mount a resurgence in the tournament.

18:16 (IST) Apr 12

LSG vs DC: Team Previews

Lucknow SuperGiants

LSG are set to clash with DC with an unblemished record against their opponents, having secured victories in all three encounters. However, LSG faces challenges with the absence of key players like Mayank Yadav due to an abdominal soreness, and Shivam Mavi ruled out with an injury. Despite these setbacks, LSG, led by KL Rahul, has excelled in utilizing home conditions, particularly spinning pitches, to stifle opposition batters. 

Notably, they've showcased a preference for setting targets rather than chasing, successfully defending substantial totals. With recent victories boosting their confidence, LSG aims to maintain their winning streak and ascend in the points table. 

Players like Nicholas Pooran, Marcus Stoinis, and Yash Thakur have been instrumental in their success, while the potential return of Mayank Yadav would bolster their pace attack.

18:05 (IST) Apr 12

It's a new dawn, it's a new day and it's a new game🎶

A very good evening to all our readers! Welcome to OneCricket's Live Blog for the exciting clash between Lucknow Super Giants and Delhi Capitals. This is Muskaan Bhatt, and I will take you through the entire evening but with just one pre-requiste:

Muskuraye kyuki aap... 😉