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India-Pakistan and Afghanistan Cricket on Agenda for ICC Board Meeting

image-lfchkz0zIndo-Pak cricket will be discussed [Source: Twitter]

Several key issues pertaining to cricket will be discussed at the upcoming International Cricket Council (ICC) Board Meeting scheduled for this weekend in Dubai. The agendas will be around the India-Pakistan deadlock, Afghanistan's membership, and a new revenue distribution model.

The first quarterly get-together got underway on Thursday, with the women's meeting, with  the men's committee meeting taking place today. The ICC's Chief Executive Committee (CEC) will be held on Saturday, with the main ICC Board meeting due on Sunday as per a report in ESPNcricinfo.

The final Finance & Commercial Affairs committee (F&CA) meeting will take place on Monday. These meetings will therefore revolve around the below mentioned topics.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will most likely take up the issue of BCCI's refusal to have India travel to Pakistan for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023. 

The PCB is adamant about not touring India for the World Cup if the BCCI does not visit their shores in September.

After Taliban-run Afghanistan disallowed women's cricket to take place in the country, several voices have asked for their full membership to be revoked. The ICC's working group is expected to present its case to the ICC Board on Sunday. 

As per ICC ruling, women's cricket is a must for a nation to get full-member status. 

The F&CA will dwell on bringing a new model for ICC broadcast money for the next cycle. 

Another topic on the table will be the Future-Tours Programme, which will find solutions for international cricket amidst the rise of franchise cricket. 

Finally, ICC constitutional reforms will also be discussed that have been on hold for years.