How Do You Get Success in Fantasy Cricket?

Rahul Tripathi in Cricket Exchange Fantasy AppRahul Tripathi in Cricket Exchange Fantasy App

The landscape of cricket changed with the advent of the Indian Premier League in 2008. This brought in a period where gradually, each cricketing nation started its own franchise-based cricket leagues. As the landscape of cricket transformed, it induced life into the industry of fantasy sports.

What is fantasy cricket?

The first thing that you should know is what fantasy cricket is. It is an online game where the users can make their own team of 11 players and participate in various contests in exchange for entry fees. The players should be from both teams, with one captain and one vice-captain. At the end of the match, the winners are decided on the basis of how the players in the user’s selected team have performed in the real match. The winners then get rewarded with real money. This is the basic concept of fantasy cricket.

There are a lot of fantasy platforms which allow you to test your knowledge and analytical concept of the game, such as - Dream11, Cricket Exchange Fantasy, MPL, My Circle11, My Team11 and many others.

How do you get success in fantasy cricket?

With the introduction to fantasy cricket now complete, let us now move on to the important part. How to be successful in fantasy cricket or, in easier terms, how to win money regularly in fantasy cricket.

So to be successful, there are some basic strategies you can follow to win regularly. Also, there are some subjective aspects which depend on the man in which you are investing your money.

Let us first have a look at the general strategies to follow in fantasy cricket.

Take as many all-rounders as possible in your team: All-rounders are those players who might contribute fantasy points in both innings of a match. Selecting a plethora of such players gives you the opportunity to stay in the hunt for the top spot in the contests throughout the match.

The second priority should be bowlers: In almost all fantasy apps, the points for a wicket are much more than runs scored. So, after all-rounders, you should always prioritise the selection of wicket-taking bowlers. Selecting the prime wicket-takers as the captain or vice-captain might look like a risky choice but could turn out to be very rewarding in most cases.

Subjective Scenarios

Now, let us look at the aspects that are subjective to the games or matches you are investing your money in.

The Playing Conditions: Even after keeping the aforementioned tips in mind, you should vary your team selection based on the playing conditions. If a certain venue is more suitable for the batters, you should select more batters while selecting the prime wicket takers only from the bowler category. Again, if the conditions are in favour of the bowlers, include as many bowling options as you can in your fantasy XI.

Player Form: The safest way to select players for your fantasy XI is to check the form of the players involved and then go for those who are in form. But sometimes you may have a gut feeling about a certain player whose recent form is not that good, in that case, the best advice will be to trust your guts.

Selecting the best contests: All the fantasy apps provide a wide range of contests in which you can participate. But if you are to maximise your profits, you will have to be very clever and selective of the contests you invest in. 

While you make take a risk in the grand leagues, where there will be plenty of competitors, you should always have some small backup contests where there are less competitions, and by winning, you can cover the cost of the entry fees of the grand leagues. Also, some of the apps give you the option to multiply your entry fees upto 50X, and those types of contests are the best to participate in.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you make a good fantasy cricket team?

Ans: Making a good fantasy cricket team depends on your level of understanding and analysing of the game. You can also follow some basic steps like- analysing player performance, analysing playing conditions, looking at match-ups and ultimately trusting your guts to make a winning combination in the fantasy contests.

Is fantasy cricket a game of skill? 

Ans: Fantasy Cricket is a game of skill that tests your understanding, knowledge and analytical skills.

Where can I get free fantasy tips?

Ans: You can go to the OneCricket website, and check the fantasy section to get some useful fantasy tips for free.