Top 10 Best Cricket Fantasy Apps

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The horizon of cricket started to change in 2008 with the advent of the Indian Premier League. IPL marked an era of cricket, where franchise-based leagues began taking over the fraternity. With the increasing popularity of franchise-based leagues, a market started booming alongside, which is projected to grow by 40% by the end of 2024.

If you are thinking about the fantasy sports market, you are absolutely right. Different players have come to the market with their Unique Selling Properties over the years. Some apps have also ventured into other sports like football, kabaddi, etc. But India is a cricket-crazy nation; the most significant scope remains in fantasy cricket.

In this article, we rate some of the best cricket fantasy apps from 1 to 10 on the basis of Free Contests, Low entry-fee contests, Small Pools per Contests, et al.

Top 10 Best Cricket Fantasy Apps

10. My11 Circle 


One of the leading players in the fantasy sports industry is the My11 Circle. It has a very user-friendly interface making it easy to participate in a variety of matches in competitions across the globe. One of the most exciting features of this app is that you can compete with an expert who is primarily a renowned cricketing face like Sourav Ganguly and Ruturaj Gaikwad (who are associated with the brand). The app, in the beginning, started only as a fantasy cricket platform but at present, it also allows users to participate in fantasy football too.


  • Making teams and participating against renowned cricketing faces like Sourav Ganguly and Ruturaj Gaikwad
  • The Grand or the Bigger League allows you to win rewards like Mobile Phones and Cars, other than real money
  • 4.1 Ratings on Playstore 
  • Minimum Deposit: INR 25
  • Minimum Withdrawal: INR 100

9. Real11


Real11 is a gradually progressing app in this market with some unique features. Besides the typical team-making procedure and participating in fantasy contests, you can also trade your opinions on this app. 


  • Opinion trading
  • Investing in polls, testing your in-depth understanding of the game
  • 4.4 Ratings on Playstore 
  • Minimum Deposit: INR 10

8. Fantasy Akhada


One of the newest competitors in the market is the Fantasy Akhada. This is one of those apps where you get a chance to display your knowledge and stronghold on various sports like - Cricket, Football, Basketball and Hockey. Fantasy Akhada allows you to win rewards by investing a small amount, as there are contests in this app where you can enter with just 1 rupee.


  • Low entry fee contests (beginning from INR 1)
  • Playing across sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball and Hockey
  • 4.1 Ratings on Playstore
  • Minimum Deposit: INR 1
  • Minimum Withdrawal: INR 50

7. Gamezy


Gamezy is one of those fantasy apps with a unique feature that allows you to make the team only for the second innings of a match, apart from the regular way of playing fantasy cricket. Gamezy also will enable you to play in contests, where you can pick a team for a few overs of the match. There are some added features like Fan Coach and Live Match Analysis, which you can use to enhance your game-reading for the live contests. 


  • Making teams for the second innings of a match
  • Investing in teams as per the phases of the game
  • Live match analysis to better understand the game
  • Instant withdrawal to bank accounts and e-wallets
  • Invest and win in Cricket and Football
  • 4.1 Ratings on Playstore

6. Ballebazi


Ballebazi is an exciting fantasy platform. It offers some unique features like second innings fantasy in case of limited overs games, while for Test matches or multi-day matches, you can separately make the team for the third and the fourth innings. 


  • Second-innings fantasy, for multi-day matches, allows third and fourth-innings fantasy too
  • Investment in cricket and football
  • 4.2 Ratings on Playstore
  • Minimum Deposit: INR 10

5. Crickpe


Crickpe is a new app with some unique concepts. Besides playing in various fantasy contests across matches around the globe, you can also reward your favourite players and show them your love in this app. Also, there is a feature in the app where you can track the lifetime earnings of each player in the fantasy contests. This gives you an idea to invest carefully in players as you can have an idea of the players with the highest return.


  • Besides your regular fantasy contests, it gives you a chance to shower love on your favourite player as we can send them direct rewards through the app
  • You can keep track of the lifetime earnings of each player through the fantasy contests in the app, and this gives you an idea of the players to invest in, carefully judging who will give you the best return
  • 3.3 Ratings on Playstore

4. My Team11


My Team11 has been one of the apps in the market for quite a few years. This app allows you to participate in fantasy contests in both football and cricket. The USP of this app is the opportunity you get to maximise your investment. Plenty of contests allow you to use your understanding and analysis of the game to the fullest to maximise a minimal investment.


  • Investment in football and cricket
  • Minimum entry fee for contests giving you big returns
  • 4.4 Ratings on Playstore
  • Minimum Deposit: INR 10
  • Minimum Withdrawal: INR 100

3. Rario


Rario is a unique fantasy app with a completely out-of-the-box concept. In this app, your investment will be player cards, which you will buy individually or in packs. You can then use these cards in various contests for different matches. The users can also trade cards that they already have to get hold of new player cards. The investment at the initial stage is a bit high as the user will look to get hold of good player cards, but one of the best features is that you will mostly be making a one-time investment.


  • Different from other fantasy contests
  • Instead of investing in entry fees, you will invest in cards

2. Dream11


Dream11 is one of the pioneers of the fantasy cricket genre. In this case, They control most of the market and are one of the most trusted apps. Starting from cricket, Dream11 allows you to participate in fantasy contests across many sports like football, basketball, baseball, volleyball and handball. While the high level of competition might be challenging for some, it gives you the best platform to put your knowledge to the best. 


  • A variety of contests to participate in
  • Opportunity to play in a lot of formats like T10 as it covers the majority of the cricketing action around the globe
  • Fantasy contests across sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball and Handball
  • 4.0 Ratings on Playstore
  • Minimum Deposit: INR 5
  • Minimum Withdrawal: INR 100

 1. Cricket Exchange Fantasy


Cricket Exchange Fantasy app is currently the best Cricket Fantasy app in the market. This app is gradually growing, and the new features they introduce with each update make it engaging and exciting for the users. For each match, you get expert tips, teams, and video analysis for significant matches. The minimal entry fees for the contests allow for maximising your winnings.  


  • Minimal entry fee for contests
  • Expert teams and analysis for each match
  • Video analysis and fantasy tips for big matches
  • Exclusive fantasy teams from Rahul Tripathi 
  • Chances to multiply your investment upto 50X through the various contests
  • 4.5 Ratings on Playstore 
  • Minimum Deposit: INR 10

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1. Which is the number one Cricket Fantasy App in India?

Ans: Cricket Exchange Fantasy App.

2. Which is India's biggest fantasy sports platform?

Ans: Dream11, MPL, and My Circle11 are some of the biggest fantasy sports platforms in India based on the number of users.

3. Which fantasy app has less competition in India?

Ans: Cricket Exchange Fantasy App has less competition as there are absolutely no bots in the app, and each contest closes to make way for new ones to open up once users are filled. 

4. Which fantasy app gives more money?

Ans: Cricket Exchange Fantasy App gives you the chance to multiply your winnings upto 50X.