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Zimbabwe's 3-Time World Cup Player Guy Whittall Survives A Deadly Leopard Attack

TW: Guy Whittall gets attacked by a leopard (Twitter)
TW: Guy Whittall gets attacked by a leopard (Twitter)

Former Zimbabwean cricketer Guy Whittall survived a harrowing encounter with a leopard while on his reserve in Buffalo Range, Zimbabwe.

The incident left him with severe injuries, requiring emergency surgery in Harare. His wife, Hannah Stooks Whittall, expressed gratitude for the medical staff's efforts, emphasizing the significant blood loss sustained during the attack.

In her social media post, Hannah Whittall stated:

"Guy and I are overwhelmed by the hundreds of messages of well-wishers after Guy's run-in with a wounded leopard earlier today. We are very fortunate that he was stabilized at Hippo Clinic by wonderful staff. He was then airlifted from Buffalo Range by Ace Ambulance to Harare, then transferred to Milton Park Hospital for treatment."

Mr. Whittall, known for his tenure in Zimbabwean cricket, currently operates a safari business in the country. This recent incident occurred while he was trekking through the conservancy he manages at Humani, Zimbabwe

Back in 2013, he woke only to find an 8-foot-long crocodile beneath his bed at the Humani lodge. The 150 kg crocodile slipped in unnoticed and quietly lurked until a housemaid's morning screams alarmed everyone during breakfast.

Who is Zimbabwe's Guy Whittall?

Guy James Whittall, born on September 5, 1972, in Chipinge, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), represented Zimbabwe in 46 Test matches and 147 One Day Internationals (ODIs) during his cricketing career.

Renowned as an aggressive middle-order batsman and an effective medium-paced bowler, Whittall's contributions to Zimbabwean cricket spanned over a decade. Despite never achieving a five-wicket haul, he secured over 50 Test wickets, with a career-best of 4/18 against England. 

His ODI career saw participation in three World Cups, notably excelling in the 1999 tournament as Zimbabwe reached the final six teams.