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[Watch] Not Messi But Rohit Sharma Recreated Trophy Celebration Of 'This' Legend

World cup winning skipper, Rohit Sharma (AP Photo)World cup winning skipper, Rohit Sharma (AP Photo)

The circle of life is indeed a magical one. From the depths of heartbreak last year to the heights of victory this year, the team's journey is nothing short of inspiring. 

In just seven months, they transformed from a heartbroken team to a trophy-winning one. The winning moment was etched in the hearts of a million fans, and Rohit's walk and lifting of the trophy will forever be remembered.

As the celebrations unfolded, Kuldeep Yadav could be seen asking Rohit Sharma to lift the trophy like the legendary football star Lionel Messi. Skipper Ro, being Rohit, did attempt it, but with a unique twist. His walk resembled more of a Ric Flair strut, adding a touch of amusement to the celebration, which he later confirmed by posting on his Twitter.

In a viral video doing rounds all over social media, as the team is waiting in line to collect their medals Kuldeep is seen teaching Rohit how to walk with the trophy and lift it. 

Watch the video here:

In a major development, following India's big victory during the post match conference, Rohit Sharma announced that he too would be retiring from T20Is and joining Virat Kohli.