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T20 World Cup 2022: Officials likely to make drastic rule changes to save final from being washed out 

image-laav2pt1Pakistan made it to the final after defeating New Zealand [Source: Associated Press]

The well-established wet weather rules will most likely be rewritten to save the much anticipated T20 World Cup 2022 final. Pakistan is all set to face England in the blockbuster tournament final. 

The International Cricket Council's (ICC) local organisers are considered to take drastic changes to make sure that the final proceeds without any hiccups, ensuring satisfaction to sponsors and millions of viewers around the world. 

The current rules say that if the event washes out due to rain the two competing teams will share the trophy. To not be the buzzkill, ICC will most likely push back the starting time of the match, which will require a rule change. 

Under the existing ICC rules, a match can only be halted for a set period of time before it must be abandoned. 

Also, to constitute a match both the teams are required to play 10 overs each, but if the match starts late this might not be possible. 

A reserve day is also allowed to resume the match the next day. But according to the forecast, 10-25mm rain with a 95% chance is predicted on November 13 and 14. With this set of circumstances, officials could cause a rule change and push the match late into the reserve day (Monday).

The rule change hasn't been ratified at the moment but reports suggest that players, staff and officials are in favour of it. 

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