Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Reject PCB's Hybrid Model for Asia Cup 2023

image-lhhel9tdBabar Azam and Rohit Sharma [Twitter]

In the latest development surrounding the Asia Cup 2023, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) again presented its 'hybrid model' for the hosting of the Asia Cup to the Asian Cricket Council (ACC).

The PCB believed that the logistical and technical concern, that ACC had previously raised was resolved. The officials from PCB and ACC met in Dubai for a meeting, but it has come to light that both the Sri Lankan cricket board and the Bangladesh cricket board have rejected the idea of hosting a part of Asia Cup in UAE.

According to the hybrid model presented by the PCB, the Indian team would not travel to Pakistan to play their Asia Cup games because of the ongoing political tension between the two nations. Instead, they'll play their matches in UAE, with the rest of the tournament taking place in Pakistan.

As per a ESPNcricinfo report, both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have cited logistical concerns as a reason to reject the PCB model. Moreover, the Asia Cup will take place in September, and the extreme heat in UAE at that point will make it difficult for the players to play.

Here's what the SLC secretary said to ESPN

"We have written to the ACC to say that we are against the hybrid model. But beyond that, no final decision has been reached. It's very hot in the UAE at that time of year," Mohan de Silva, the SLC secretary, said to ESPNcricinfo.

The Asia Cup this year will be a 50-over format, keeping in mind the World Cup coming later this year. The tournament will be played for 13 days, with 13 matches taking place. Interestingly, both India and Pakistan have been drawn in the same group.