Mushtaq Ahmed reveals his advice for Virat Kohli

Former Pakistan off-spinner Mushtaq Ahmed has revealed that he had advised Virat Kohli to work his foot movement ahead of India's ongoing tour of England.

For the past two years, Kohli has been undergoing a lean patch and has struggled to convert his starts into big innings.

In the recent two T20I fixtures, his scores read 1 and 11. Although he looked good in the latest outing, the 33-year-old was dismissed while attempting an adventurous shot. 

Ahmed said he made the former Indian skipper aware that his foot was falling in the wrong direction when attempting to drive the ball.

It is common knowledge that bowlers have been attacking Kohli outside the off-stump in the last few years to induce an edge.

"Once Virat was training in the gym and he himself came to me and asked how's everything is going and after a brief conversation I told him a couple of things and he's a very smart and a good listener," Mushtaq revealed to Pakistani channel ARY News. 

"So, I told Virat that the initial 10-15 runs you score, your front foot lands straight on the pitch and when you try to drive the ball and as your foot is not in the direction of the ball, it takes the outside nick even on a flat surface," he added.

"After that, I noted that he began to shuffle across the pitch to get the ball in the middle but as you know when a batter shuffles especially when it is swinging, he lost track of where his off-stump was," Mushtaq shared.

Kohli acknowledged my advice: Mushtaq Ahmed

The 52-year-old said that Kohli acknowledged his advice and promised to work on it in the near future. He added that England opted for a different policy against Kohli during his tenure as the England coach.

"He was carefully listening to all my points and acknowledged me, 'That's a very good point Mushi Bhai and I would work on it'," he maintained.

"We made a policy for him [Kohli] during India's white-ball tour and I told the English management that being an Asian coach, I think we should set a tight field for him for his first 15 runs. 

"Let him hit the ball over mid-off, mid-on, or cover but he won't be able to do so since he is afraid," Mushtaq claimed. 

Kohli missed the first fixture of the ongoing ODI series against Three Lions and is likely to be unavailable for the second one due to a niggle.