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'Many Things Wrong' - Rohit Sharma's Wife Ritika Slams Boucher For MI Captaincy Change

image-lsa6piniRohit Sharma with IPL trophy (X.com)

Indian cricket star & captain Rohit Sharma's wife, Ritika Sajdeh, has stirred up controversy with her recent Instagram comment regarding the decision to replace Rohit Sharma as Mumbai Indians' captain for the upcoming IPL season. 

The move which saw Hardik Pandya take over the captaincy announced on December 15, 2023, received significant backlash from fans worldwide, prompting an explanation from the team's head coach, Mark Boucher.

Following Mumbai Indians' head coach Mark Boucher's explanation on the Smash Sports podcast regarding the decision, Ritika Sajdeh expressed her disagreement, stating, "So many things wrong with this." This comment quickly went viral, indicating potential unrest within the Mumbai Indians' camp.

Boucher defended the decision, emphasizing its strategic nature aimed at optimizing Rohit Sharma's performance as a batter. He explained that relieving Rohit of captaincy duties would allow him to focus solely on his batting performance.

Reports suggest that not all players are content with the change in leadership. Star bowler Jasprit Bumrah unfollowed Mumbai Indians on social media and posted cryptic messages hinting at dissatisfaction with the decision. This further fueled speculation of discontent within the team.

Despite criticism and rumours, Mumbai Indians have stood by their decision, maintaining that "One Family" within the franchise. However, Ritika Sajdeh's comment has added fuel to the fire, raising questions about the unity of the team.

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma continues to lead the Indian cricket team in the ongoing five-test match series against England on home soil. Despite the controversy surrounding his IPL captaincy, all eyes remain on Sharma's performance on the international stage.