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India Repeats T20 WC 2022 Performance By Defying Win Predictor With 6-Run Win Vs PAK

India once again defied win predictor vs Pakistan (Twitter)India once again defied win predictor vs Pakistan (Twitter)

In an edge-of-the-seat thriller that unfolded in New York's on Sunday, India clinched a nail-biting victory over Pakistan by just 6 runs in Match 19 of the T20 World Cup 2024.

The match, delayed by rain, saw Pakistan's captain Babar Azam electing to field first. This decision seemed judicious as Naseem Shah and Haris Rauf ripped through the Indian batting lineup, snagging three wickets each and holding India to a modest total of 119.

India once again thwarted win predictor forecasts favouring Pakistan

The Pakistan chase was steady but unspectacular, with both openers enjoying early let-offs. The odds were stacked against India as Pakistan was comfortably placed at 57/1 at the halfway mark but the Indian bowling unit staged a dramatic comeback.

They snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and restricted Pakistan to 113/7, continuing their unbeaten streak against Pakistan in World Cup matches.

The dramatic win caught the eye of Rajasthan Royals, who took to Twitter to celebrate India's win and showed how incredible it was.

 They posted a collage that paired two crucial moments: one from the previous World Cup featuring Virat Kohli and the other showcasing Jasprit Bumrah from the current contest.

Both images were set against the backdrop of the win predictor's stark forecasts, which had heavily favoured Pakistan at critical junctures in both matches.

In the first half of the collage, the image captured Virat Kohli from the last World Cup, where he single-handedly steered India to a win from what seemed an impossible situation. 

The win predictor at that time showed a staggering 85% likelihood of a Pakistani victory, casting a mere 15% chance for India.

The second image featured Jasprit Bumrah, who played a crucial role in turning the tide against Pakistan in New York with three wickets to his name. Once again, the win predictor had shown a similar bias, with Pakistan's win probability at 84% and India's at a slim 16%.

Yet, against all odds, India demonstrated a phenomenal comeback in both instances as they defended just 119.

Meanwhile, with this win India has registered two wins in a row, having beat Ireland in their opening game. They will now take on hosts USA on Tuesday, June 12 in New York.