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Azeem Rafiq wants Yorkshire racism case hearing to be held in Public

image-l8caaibsAzeem Rafiq (PC: Twitter)

The racism scandal in cricket that broke out in 2020 after former Yorkshire cricketer Azeem Rafiq came out in Public shocked the world with big names involved with it. Former English skipper Michael Vaughan, Gary Ballance and some other names were revealed, which led to instant testimony of this sensitive, high-profile case.

However, its been too long since the case has been pending, along with the hearing that is scheduled to take place in the upcoming season. So now, Rafiq himself shot a letter to Cricket Disciplinary committee, asking them to hold the trial in Public.

This process, according to him, would help ensure transparency and provide contentment to him and his family. Further adding that, none of the rules states that the hearing is mandatory to be held in private.

What Rafiq said in his statement

"It has been a long two years since I went public about my experiences, but I hope this all means that no young player ever goes through such pain and alienation again.

"My preference would be for this hearing to take place publicly, but I am hopeful that we are at least nearing a point where there will be some sense of closure for my family and me."

Previously, the former Yorkshire skipper and coach Andrew Gale was charged, and he won't be further participating in the hearing.

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