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WPL 2024, Match 13 - Mooney-Wolvaardt Opening Partnership Leads Giants to First Win

Beth Mooney and Laura Wolvaardt stitched a brilliant partnership against RCB (Source: x.com)Beth Mooney and Laura Wolvaardt stitched a brilliant partnership against RCB (Source: x.com)

In a high-scoring encounter, Gujarat Giants secured a 19-run victory against Royal Challengers Bangalore, thanks to stellar performances by Laura Wolvaardt and Beth Mooney. The duo's formidable partnership of 140 runs wreaked havoc on the RCB bowling attack, propelling the Giants to a challenging total. Wolvaardt's aggressive innings of 76 off 45 balls and Mooney's impressive 85 off 51 deliveries displayed their dominance with the bat.

Laura Wolvaardt showcased a masterful innings, scoring a fluent 76 off 45 balls with precision in her shot selection, accumulating 13 fours without resorting to aggressive strokes. Beth Mooney complemented Wolvaardt's innings by ensuring swift runs between the wickets, allowing Wolvaardt to dominate against the quicks. Mooney, known for her consistency, tactically paced her innings, turning a 21-ball 32 into a composed 82 off 51 balls, showcasing her proficiency in scoring against spinners.

In contrast, Smriti Mandhana's team experienced a challenging day as none of their batters managed to convert starts into substantial innings. This inability to build significant partnerships allowed the Gujarat Giants to assert control by consistently taking wickets. Despite a late onslaught from Georgia Wareham, who scored a rapid 48 off 22 balls, the valiant effort proved futile in preventing a comprehensive defeat for Smriti Mandhana's side.

Deconstructing the Deadly Partnership of Laura and Mooney

In-depth Analysis of GGW’s First Wicket PartnershipIn-depth Analysis of GGW’s First Wicket Partnership

Laura Wolvaardt showcased an impressive display of calculated strokeplay, notably different from her performances in previous games. Her ability to find gaps in the field without relying solely on aggression, demonstrated a refined shot selection. In partnership with Beth Mooney, the duo's collaborative efforts propelled the Gujarat Giants to a formidable total.

The Gujarat Giants' openers showcased a significant improvement in their powerplay performance as they scored 51 runs in the first six overs, laying a solid foundation for the team. This marked a notable shift from their previous performances in the tournament. In this instance, Laura Wolvaardt took on the aggressive charge, amassing 32 runs off 22 balls, featuring three well-placed fours. Meanwhile, Beth Mooney played the anchor role, contributing 19 runs off 14 balls, embellished with five fours.

During the middle overs, Laura Wolvaardt and Beth Mooney seamlessly continued their respective roles, contributing significantly to the Gujarat Giants' innings. Laura displayed her attacking ability, amassing 44 runs off 23 balls, featuring an impressive count of eight fours. Simultaneously, Beth Mooney played a complementary role, scoring 31 runs off 19 balls, including five boundaries. Their combined efforts in the middle phase resulted in a substantial contribution of 75 runs in 7 overs, setting the stage for the Giants' strong total. The cohesive partnership demonstrated a strategic and well-executed approach by the openers during different phases of the innings.


In a convincing display, the Gujarat Giants secured a significant victory against Royal Challengers Bangalore with a well-coordinated effort from their openers, Laura Wolvaardt and Beth Mooney. The duo showcased a balanced blend of calculated stroke play and strategic batting roles. Wolvaardt's aggressive charge, marked by well-placed shots, was complemented by Mooney's anchor role, providing stability to the innings.

Together, they laid a solid foundation in the powerplay and continued their contributions seamlessly into the middle overs. This comprehensive performance not only propelled the Giants to a formidable total but also reflected a well-executed game plan, marking a notable improvement for the team in the tournament.