Unpopular Opinion: India, the bi-lateral bully

image-l7t0j5q5India were disappointing in the Asia Cup [PC: Twitter]

India were eliminated from the Asia Cup 2022 after suffering two consecutive defeats against Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the super four stage of the tournament. With this, the team has disappointed its fans once again in a multi-national event.

This has now been a pattern of the Indian team over the last few years. They have been doing exceptionally well in the bilateral tournaments but have choked in important matches in the multinational tournaments.  

Last Victories

The last time India emerged victorious in a multi-nation tournament was back in 2018 in the Asia Cup under the leadership of Rohit Sharma. But if we consider ICC tournaments, the scene is even more worrisome as the last victory in such a tournament came in 2013 Champions trophy under MS Dhoni’s captaincy. 

Bi-lateral versus Multi nation tournament performances of India

Since the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy India has played 73 bi-lateral series in the limited overs format and have won 53 of them. A success percentage of about 72.60%. On the other hand India have won only 2 multinational tournaments out of the 10 in which they have participated. A success percentage of only 20%. 

If only ICC trophies are considered in the same time frame India have lifted no trophy since 2013 in 6 tournaments. 

So, the stats signify that India have been putting up some disappointing shows in the multi nation tournaments but have been performing brilliantly in bilateral series. Moreover, India have bowed out of the tournaments at some important stages. Let us look at which stage the Indian team has bowed out of the tournament.

image-l7syzlv0India's elimination stages in multi national tournaments since ICC Champions Trophy 2013

Thus we can see 5 times India made it to finals and semifinals of a tournament and lost there. 

India, the new official chokers of cricket

image-l7szducwIndia's last ICC tournament victory (PC: Twitter)

The cricketing fraternity have long termed South Africa as chokers for losing in important matches in the multi nation tournaments. The disease seems to have affected India in the past decade. While the team is doing great in bi-lateral series and showing hope for a big trophy, it is failing on the big stage. The tag of chokers now aptly suits the Indian team.

Standing at the current juncture, we can safely conclude that it is the nerves that the Indian team is not being able to put up with. The team that used to win trophies regularly under the leadership of MS Dhoni is now struggling to perform under pressure situations in crucial games. 

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