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'You Shouldn't Have Mocked Babar..'- Akmal Breaks Silence On Animated Chat With Harbhajan

Kamran Akmal & Harbhajan Singh - (X.com)Kamran Akmal & Harbhajan Singh - (X.com)

On July 6, India Champions faced off against Pakistan Champions at the ongoing World Championship of Legends 2024, where the Pakistan Champions emerged victorious by 69 runs. 

After the game, Kamran Akmal and Harbhajan Singh had an animated chat, and there was no second guessing what the topic could have been about. The fans speculated that Singh must have reprimanded Akmal for his recent comments on the Sikh Community.

Notably, when India faced Pakistan during the T20 World Cup 2024, Arshdeep came to bowl the crucial last over. During that time, Akmal, who was present in a studio, hurled a racial slur towards Arshdeep. 

"Kuch bhi ho sakta hai... 12 baj gaye hai (Anything can happen. It is already 12)," Akmal said while speaking on ARY News.o sakta hai... 12 baj gaye hai (Anything can happen. It is already 12)," Akmal said while speaking on ARY News.

Meanwhile, Harbhajan had slammed Akmal for his distasteful remark on social media, following which the former Pakistani keeper-batter apologised to the turbanotor. 

In the latest events, Akmal broke the silence on his animated chat with Harbhajan and revealed that he apologised to the Indian and stated that he committed a grave mistake. 

"(Mujhse galti hui thi aur wahi ek baat chal rahi thi) I made a mistake, and that was the only topic being discussed. It was never my intention, and I can never think negatively about anyone's religion. I have made that clear. It should be done because I am younger, they are seniors and a great off-spinner in Indian and world cricket," Akmal stated.

However, Kamran also added that he reminded Singh of his recent remarks on Babar, where he mocked the Pakistani skipper to which the Indian veteran accepted his mistake as well. 

Notably, during a recent show on Star Sports, Harbhajan was asked to name a better batter between Brian Lara and Babar Azam, to which Singh burst out laughing. 

"Then we talked, and you might have seen Babar being mocked. No doubt, Babar is also a great batsman in Pakistan cricket; he has scored the most hundreds for Pakistan. No doubt, Brian Lara and Babar's class don't match, and they shouldn't be compared. But as cricketers, we shouldn't mock anyone. So I talked about it, and he (Harbhajan) also agreed that it shouldn't have happened from his side either," he added.