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'Spoil India's Party'- Nasser Hussain Urges England Before Lucknow Face-Off

image-lo83nzwpIndia is the only unbeaten team in World Cup 2023 so far

In the midst of the unfolding drama of World Cup 2023, former England captain Nasser Hussain has become a passionate advocate for the beleaguered England side.

IND vs ENG: Nasser Hussain urges England to showcase their mettle

With the cricketing community gearing up for a much-anticipated clash between England and the unbeaten Indian side, Hussain has backed the defending champions to ‘spoil India’s party.’

Under Jos Buttler's captaincy, England has had a dreary tournament, tasting defeat in four out of their five matches. On the other hand, India, led by Rohit Sharma, is enjoying a scintillating run, remaining unbeaten and gunning for a sixth consecutive victory. 

Yet, despite the apparent disparity in form and confidence between the two teams, Hussain believes in England's potential to disrupt India's momentum.

In his column in The Daily Mail, Hussain mentioned that it's high time for the English players to embrace their roles, face challenges head-on, and reassert their cricketing pedigree on the global stage. 

He subtly conveyed the sentiment that the England team possesses the talent to not only end India’s winning streak but also remind the world of the quality of cricket they've historically championed.

"The players must take the responsibility for this. I'm not a great one for cliches like playing for the badge but that's what England have got to do now. They have to go to Lucknow on Sunday and spoil India's party. They must remind India and the world just how great cricketers they have been - and still are," wrote Hussain.

With the upcoming match in Lucknow set to be played on Sunday, October 29, all eyes will be on whether England can indeed turn the tide and halt India's dominant march.