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Top 5 Players With Most Ducks in the ODI World Cup

image-ln77902gPlayers With Most Ducks in ODI World Cup [Twitter]

Cricket history is filled with countless records and statistics that showcase the highs and lows of the game. One such intriguing statistic is the number of ducks a player accumulates in their ICC ODI World Cup career. A duck, in cricketing terms, signifies a player getting out without scoring a single run. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 players who have had the most ducks in the ICC ODI World Cup.

Nathan AstleNew Zealand522
Ijaz Ahmed Pakistan526
Kyle McCallan Ireland48
Darren BravoWest Indies411
Keith ArthurtonWest Indies413

1. Nathan Astle (NZ) - 5 Ducks

image-ln76lm3nNew Zealand's Nathan Astle [Twitter]

Leading this list is New Zealand's Nathan Astle, a player known for his aggressive style of batting. Astle's career spanned from 1996 to 2003, during which he played 22 ICC ODI World Cup innings and scored 403 runs. Unfortunately, he also accumulated five ducks. While his attacking approach often led to early dismissals, it also made him a crucial asset in New Zealand's batting lineup.

2. Ijaz Ahmed (PAK) - 5 Ducks

image-ln76nez4Pakistan's Ijaz Ahmed [Twitter]

Ijaz Ahmed, the explosive Pakistani batsman, shares the top spot with Astle, having also faced the dreaded duck on five occasions. His World Cup journey extended from 1987 to 1999, covering 26 innings and resulting in 516 runs. Although he had some explosive performances, his penchant for playing big shots early on occasionally led to disappointing starts. Despite the ducks, Ijaz remains a respected figure in Pakistan's cricketing history.

3. Kyle McCallan (IRE) - 4 Ducks

image-ln76pobbIreland's Kyle McCallan [Twitter]

Kyle McCallan, representing Ireland, occupies the third spot on this list. His ICC ODI World Cup career was brief, featuring just 8 innings during the 2007 tournament. He managed to score only 33 runs but had to endure four ducks. While the frequency of ducks was high, it's worth noting that McCallan's primary role in the team was as a bowler, which partially explains his struggles with the bat.

4. Darren Bravo (WI) - 4 Ducks

image-ln76qkj2West Indies's Darren Bravo [Twitter]

Sharing the third spot with McCallan is West Indies' Darren Bravo. Bravo's World Cup journey spanned from 2011 to 2019, covering 11 innings and resulting in 207 runs. Despite his natural talent and the ability to play match-winning innings, he had four instances of getting out without scoring. Bravo's inconsistency sometimes left the West Indies in a precarious position, but his potential for big scores ensured his continued presence in the lineup.

5. Keith Arthurton (WI) - 4 Ducks

image-ln76tsq1West Indies's Keith Arthurton [Twitter]

The fifth spot is claimed by another West Indian, Keith Arthurton, who also faced four ducks during his ICC ODI World Cup career. Arthurton played 13 innings between 1992 and 1999, accumulating 241 runs. Known for his graceful stroke play, Arthurton's outings were unfortunately punctuated by these four ducks.

While these players may have faced their fair share of early dismissals in the ICC ODI World Cup, it's important to remember that cricket is a game of ups and downs.