Top 5 Finishers in World Cricket Currently

image-lid0c0ceBen Stokes led England to their first ODI World Cup win (ICC Twitter)

Cricket, a sport renowned for its twists and turns, possesses an attraction that lies in the tantalizing climax of a closely contested match. When the stakes are high, and the outcome hangs in the balance, it is the supreme game of the finishers that often determines the victor.

These modern-day finishers possess the ability to seize the moment, navigate the treacherous terrain of pressure, and deliver blows that leave a lasting imprint on the game's history. A finisher's ability to maintain composure, make wise decisions, and deliver under immense pressure is what separates the greats from the rest.

In this listicle, we will take a look at the top five best finishers in world cricket currently.

5. Hardik Pandya

image-li8xwr56Hardik Pandya (ICC Twitter)

Hardik Pandya's meteoric rise since making his debut for India has propelled him to fifth place among the world's best finishers in cricket currently. His impressive performances with the Mumbai Indians earned him a permanent spot in the Indian limited-overs team and subsequently the captaincy of Gujarat Titans in the IPL.

The lanky all-rounder has finished a number of matches for India with his explosive batting. With his incredible core strength and long levers, Pandya can hit the ball a long way, contributing to his impressive ODI average of 33, accompanied by a strike rate of 112, and T20I average of 25.4, and a strike-rate of 142.2.

4. David Miller

image-li8xw20eDavid Miller (ICC Twitter)

David Miller has left a lasting mark on the international cricket scene over the past decade. Known for his raw power, he initially rose to prominence in the IPL, impressing with his ability to remain calm under pressure and single-handedly steer his team to victory. With 155 ODIs under his belt, Miller boasts an impressive average of 42.3, coupled with a stunning strike rate of 102.9.

Although consistency has eluded him at times, the sudden retirement of AB de Villiers rejuvenated him, and he has delivered some outstanding performances. 

Notably, in the crucial game against Australia in the ICC ODI World Cup 2015, Miller unleashed a breathtaking innings of 138, reaffirming his status as a formidable finisher. 

With signs of resurgence in the recent couple of years, Miller has reclaimed his spot among the cricket’s greatest finishers of current times.

3. Ben Stokes

image-li8xpgphBen Stokes (ICC Twitter)

Ben Stokes, the backbone of the English cricket team, has firmly established himself as an indispensable asset. Renowned for his aggressive batting style, Stokes possesses the ability to accelerate the scoring rate with remarkable ease. His wide repertoire of shots makes him a daunting opponent once he finds his rhythm.

The dynamic all-rounder has showcased his exceptional finishing skills across various formats, with his crowning moment coming in the unforgettable ICC ODI World Cup 2019 final against New Zealand, where he played a pivotal role in England's historic victory. 

His impressive average of 39 in 105 ODIs, coupled with a strike rate of 95.1, epitomizes his prowess as a finisher. 

Although he retired from ODIs last year, Stokes still remains an integral part of England's T20I setup.

2. Glenn Maxwell

image-llnrcolcGlenn Maxwell (Twitter)

Glenn Maxwell has long been a figure of both frustration and fascination in his international career. However, in his current role as a finisher, he appears to have found his ideal batting position. Endowed with immense power and extraordinary innovation, Maxwell possesses the ability to score at a rapid pace.

His versatility in handling both seam and spin makes him a formidable force in the death overs. With a striking rate of over 124.8 and an average of around 33.9 in 128 ODIs, along with a blistering strike rate of 151 in 98 T20Is, Maxwell is tailor-made for the finisher’s role. 

On his day, he can dismantle even the strongest bowling attacks, making him one of the most destructive finishers in world cricket currently.

1. Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler's versatility sets him apart as one of the finest finishers in the world. Whether opening the innings or coming down the order, the wicketkeeper has elevated his game to new heights. 

image-li8xve15Jos Buttler (ICC Twitter)

In ODIs, Buttler boasts an impressive average of 41.5, complemented by a staggering strike rate of 117.9. In T20Is, he maintains an average of 34.8 and a formidable strike rate of 144.1.

What truly distinguishes Buttler is his ability to deliver when it matters most, consistently rising to the occasion. His unique blend of efficiency and extravagance rarely lets his side down. Undoubtedly, Buttler reigns supreme as the undisputed top finisher in the world, making him the deserving number one finisher in the world currently.