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Bowlers That Conquered 5-Day Cricket: Top 10 Cricketers With Most Test Wickets

Vishal Mehra∙ May 24 2023, 5:00 PM | timer 3 Min Read

image-lhrqf5bxJames Anderson and Stuart Broad has most Test wickets as a duo [Source: Twitter]

Test cricket remains the epitome of the sport, despite the migration of audiences from the longest to the shortest format of the game in the past decade. Over the years, cricket has transformed into a batter-friendly affair, while the margins for error for bowling getting finer by the minute. 

Despite this, bowlers continue to attract people to the stadiums, either for their sheer pace or ability to outwit batters by spin, which remains a fascination for plenty.

In this list, let's read into the top 10 bowlers, who have transcended into the record books and picked the most Test wickets:

Muttiah Muralitharan

image-lhrpwmxjMuttiah Muralitharan [Source: Twitter]

Sri Lanka's magician Muttiah Muralitharan, who could spin the ball on glass surfaces even, leads the list with as many as 800 Test wickets, which spanned over 133 matches, and had 67 five-fers and 22 ten-fers. Muralitharan also holds the record for the most number of international wickets. 

Shane Warne

image-lhrpx7wgShane Warne [Source: Twitter]

Australia's spinning wizard, the late Shane Warne brought the art of leg-spin back into the public eye. Warne in a career that lasted for 15 long years, claimed 708 Test wickets in 145 matches, which include 37 five-wicket and 10 ten-wicket hauls. Warne is also credited for bowling the 'Test Ball of the Century'.

James Anderson

image-lhrpwuyeJames Anderson [Source: Twitter]

England's James Anderson broke myths and stereotypes and stands on a pedestal of his own. Anderson sits on 685 Test wickets from 179 and has a good chance of going past Warne's tally with a jam-packed 2023.

Anil Kumble

image-lhrq0iu4Anil Kumble [Source: Twitter]

Not the most conventional of leg spinners, India's Anil Kumble craved his own niche in an era that had Warne and Muralitharan. Kumble, who become the second bowler to claim 10 wickets in an innings, ended with 619 scalps from 132 Tests, with 35 five-fers and 8 ten-fers.

Stuart Broad

image-lhrq6eu1Stuart Broad [Source: Twitter]

England's Stuart Broad with his ability to seam the ball has etched his name in the record books. Broad, who depends highly on rhythm in 161 Tests claimed 576 wickets, which includes 19 five-fers and 3 ten-fers.

Glenn McGrath

image-lhrq9s70Glenn McGrath [Source: Twitter]

Australia's Glenn McGrath kept batters in check with his impeccable line and length. McGrath's talent to land the ball with pin-point accuracy enabled him to 563 Test wickets in 124 matches with 29 five-wicket and three 10-wicket hauls. 

Courtney Walsh

image-lhrqb7l9Courtney Walsh [Source: Twitter]

Carrying on the West Indies fast bowling legacy, Courtney Walsh became the first bowler to cross the 500-wicket mark in Tests. The lanky and fierce bowler claimed 519 wickets in 132 appearances, with 22 five-fers and 3 ten-fers.  

Nathan Lyon

image-lhrqbghtNathan Lyon [Source: Twitter]

A modern-day great, Australia's Nathan Lyon's evolution from a groundsman to a top-class spinner is an inspiration for many. Lyon with the off-spin has bamboozled batters across all surfaces, claiming 482 wickets in 119 matches, with 23 five-fers and 4 ten-fers. 

Ravichandran Ashwin

image-lhrqdq0qRavichandran Ashwin [Source: Twitter]

The wily Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is engaged in an intense battle with Lyon, in their race to 500 wickets. Ashwin, known for his shrewd hard bowling has picked 474 wickets in just 92 Tests, with 32 five-wicket and seven 10-wicket hauls.

Dale Steyn

image-lhrqducuDale Steyn [Source:Twitter]

The undisputed king of Test Rankings, South Africa's Dale Steyn frightened opponents with his sheer pace. Steyn, who ruled Test cricket between 2009 and 2014, scalped 439 wickets in 93 matches, which include 26 five-fers and 5 ten-fers.