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You have the power to pull that trigger: Cummins reflects on Starc-Buttler incident

image-l9b1vqa4Pat Cummins (Source: AP Newsroom)

A unique incident took place in the third and final T20I between Australia and England involving Mitchell Starc and Jos Buttler. In the 5th over of the English innings while Dawid Malan was on strike, Starc found Buttler out of the crease at the non-striker end before he completed his delivery stride gave a  warning to him. 

Starc was heard in the stump microphone saying to Buttler:" I am not Deepti, but I won't do it. Doesn't mean you can leave early."

This was a reference to the incident where Deepti Sharma ran Charlie Dean out at non-striker's end in the final ODI at Lord's between India and England women's team. 

In a recent video released by Cricket Australia, the Australian Test captain, Pat Cummins has given his tale on the incident and also on the whole 'Mankading' situation at present in contemporary cricket. 

"It's a weird time in that. I think it's transitioning from something that was may be frowned upon to something that is just considered a run out. So I think it's just those reminders to kind of show that you have the power to pull that trigger if you want to. I am not sure every bowler will, but warning the batter that they've got to be careful."

"When I am running in, I don't see them at all. I think Josh Hazlewood said the other day 'its way too far to run in to give a warning or to attempt a run out. It's a waste of energy," Cummins further added on the topic. 

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