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T20 World Cup 2022: Rohit Sharma concerned about ground dimensions ahead of semi-final against England 

image-la9d1qugRohit Sharma [Source: Associated Press]

India is all set to face England in the second semi-final of the T20 World Cup 2022, the match is scheduled to be held at the Adelaide Oval. It has been caught on that the game will be played on a used pitch rather than a fresh one. 

Apart from that Australia has been challenging teams with its unique set of conditions, the unpredictable weather along combined with the bouncy wickets has been posing quite a few hiccups in the tournament. 

Indian captain Rohit Sharma has voiced his concerns regarding the ground dimensions too. 

Rohit concerned about dimensions

"That's one of the challenges you have in this tournament. In Dubai, the dimension of the grounds was almost the same. Here it is different in different games. Adelaide is one ground where you need to find out different ways. The side boundaries are smaller here. Melbourne was totally different." 

"I remember talking about playing fearlessly. Looking at the conditions here is not about coming and swinging the bat. It is about adapting to conditions."

Although Sharma has been formidable as a captain, he still hasn't fired as an opening batter. The skipper has been unable to churn out any worthwhile runs, his return to full form will be of utmost importance to take on the mighty England in the semi-finals. 

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