Adelaide Strikers believe Marcus Stoinis should have been timed out

image-lccwa2vsStoinis scored a match-winning 74 [Source: Twitter]

Adelaide Strikers player, Adam Hose believes that Marcus Stoinis was too slow to face his first delivery of the match and the time out rule should have been enforced.

Stoinis struck a match-winning 35-ball 74 and steered Melbourne Stars past the winning line at Adelaide Oval on Saturday. But Hose reckons that the batter could have been sent packing had the umpires upheld Strikers' appeal.

The BBL rule states that at a fall of a wicket the incoming batter must be ready within 75 second. If the batter fails to arrive on time, he has to stand on the side of the pitch and the bowler has a free shy at the stumps. If the bowler hits the stumps, the batter is bowled out.

Hose speaks his mind

"To be very honest, I was at cover for his first ball and I'm pretty certain that he timed out. I hope that if it is the rule then we can play by it. That's my only experience of the clock being run-out. We asked the question, we appealed but nothing happened. I'm pretty certain his time was up," Hose said.

He added: "Umpires have been hot on me for the past couple of games getting to the crease. I've been warned about it a few times and had to change my first ball routine."

To his defence, Stoinis stated that he was aware of the ticking clock but insisted that Adelaide's field was not set in time.

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