'I Am So Angry, Man...,' Mohammed Siraj on Mahipal Lomror Outburst

image-lgupntnfSiraj issuing an apology in RCB video (Source: RCB)

The Royal Challengers Bangalore prevailed over the Rajasthan Royals in match number 32 of the ongoing IPL 2023 season. The high-scoring affair went down till the final over, with the Royals falling just seven runs short of their task against the hosts in Bengaluru.

As it turned out, the match had its fair share of drama, considering the thrilling nature of the contest. In the penultimate over of the Rajasthan Royals’ run-chase, RCB speedster Mohammed Siraj was seen hurling abuses towards his teammate Mahipal Lomror.

Mohammed Siraj mends bridge with Lomror

Mohammed Siraj delivered the penultimate over of the game, with Rajasthan Royals still requiring an uphill 33 runs from the final 12 balls. During the last ball of Siraj’s over, Royals batter Dhruv Jurel played a shot for two owing to a missed runout opportunity from RCB fielder Mahipal Lomror at long-on.

Lomror fielded and threw the ball back at Siraj only for his throw to be quite wide from the bowler’s reach. As it turned out, the Rajasthan Royals batters completed the two and the equation was down to 20 runs from the final over.

Siraj, after finishing his spell, was seen taking his frustration out on Lomror for gifting an extra run to the chasing side. However, after the game, the senior Indian cricketer revealed that he has apologised to his younger teammate for his outburst. Siraj said:

“I am so angry, man. Sorry. I have apologised to him twice already. I don’t carry the aggression off the field. It all calms down post the match.”

Lomror accepted the apology by saying that such things tend to happen on the fielder.

“It’s alright, Siraj bhai. Such small things keep happening in such big matches.”

Both Siraj and Lomror will now turn up for RCB in their next home-fixture, this time against the KKR. The match is scheduled to be played on April 26.